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About Us
Angry Rabbit Studios is an all-inclusive design and development studio specializing in Mobile and Desktop Applications, Website Development and is currently working on designing a new and unique massively multiplayer game. Our founding members are all committed to excellence and building quality products. We also enjoy our video games, and are passionate about playing and having a good time. We are excited that you have considered our company.
We make applications and websites to empower your business, and make Games for Gamers by Gamers. We look forward to working with you.
Our Team
Thomas Wenger
Chief Executive Officer and Product Development
Thomas Wenger has 10 years’ experience running a successful IT Company. He has worked on indie game projects in the past and has a passion for all things gaming. Thomas looks forward to working with gaming communities he has been a part of over his gaming days and helping Angry Rabbits go from startup to success.
Logan Bamford
Accounting and Logistics
Logan Bamford runs a sawmill in Northern California, and just recently graduated with a Bachelors from Chico State University. From the mill he has learned management and logistical skills, and these have been further refined and built upon during his time at University. Logan has been gaming intensely for around 5 years and looks forward to helping Angry Rabbit Studios be a great success.
Edson Avelino
Has worked the past 6 years in Computer and Electro-technical Engineering. Throughout his career he also acquired experience in business management at several companies in Portugal. Edson s vast knowledge of the video game world, originality & work ethic will be essential in optimizing Angry Rabbit Studios success.
Community is what makes online games enjoyable. We want to build a huge community and meet new people and have a good time. Whether its folks from Portugal, Australia, or Estonia, or France over the years we have met such outstanding people while online and it really has opened our eyes to how tight nit the gaming communities are. So with that in mind we hope to build a place where people can gather to enjoy our games, and that we can gather to enjoy our friends.
Diaspora: Mass Exodus
Space trading game that features a persistent universe in which players can buy their fully customizable ships and travel from planet to planet, trading, pirating, exploring or creating guilds. To Learn More About Our Upcoming MMO Release Diaspora : Mass Exodus Please Join Our Forum, Or Check Out Our Facebook Page.

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Mobile and Desktop Applications
Whether it be a application for your phone that works great on the go, or a traditional desktop application we have the skill and the staff to handle bringing your vision from an idea to a reality. We are reasonable priced, and detail orientated, and take great pride in our work being done and delivered correctly, and in a timely manner.
Web Site Development
We provide custom website development services for desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers. Every website is custom designed and hand coded. Our web developement team has experience with both marketing and application based designs.
Game Development
Angry Rabbit Studios is currently designing and will be producing its own massively multiplayer game. Production and planning is already underway and we are hoping to begin rolling out information on the progress in the coming quarter.
Currently Angry Rabbit Studios is not hiring paid staff, if you would like to submit your resume to have it on file, or looking to volunteer service please send your resume in, with a little bit about you personally.
Contact Us
For questions our concerns please contact us at info@angryrabbitstudios.com.