Poll: Should we setup a repair and build time for ships?
Yes for both.
Yes for Building New Ships
Yes for Repairs
No for Repairs
No For New Ship Builds
No to both
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Repair Time and Build Time
(08-15-2015, 07:30 PM)FlashGordon Wrote: I think it just think it makes it harder for the weaker players. I realize many people will have a trading alt, but many other people will have a trading ship and a fighting ship. If your trading ship pops, then you have to wait for another to build so you can earn back the losses (and vice versa)... I guess you just go earn xp while you wait? High level players just have spare ships in the hangar, so no sweat for them.
As far as repairs go, I still don't know why anyone would want to wait for their ship to repair. Maybe it would reduce planet fighting? More likely just make planet fighting more frustrating to the weaker players, who would end up having to wait for repairs every time some guy takes a few shots at them.

Its interesting to see people voting yes for both because I'm too focused on my own ideas to see the reasons why. Please help

maybe repair times should scale to a players xp or rank? thus, balancing the system for lower ranked players?
I think this game is gonna be changed so much it just won't feel the same.

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