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Researches Needed Create A Tech!
Please post your ideas for a research below with details on how it will effect the game. We want to get just a huge amount of different techs with details so we can start building the tech tree.

IE: Engine Efficiency - Engines will be a tiered research that increases the effectiveness of the engines. It will be 10 levels, and increase the ship 10% each level.

PLEASE keep it to one tech per post, and be as detailed as possible! If you need a entire thread to discuss the details make it its own thread, and put the final product here.
Just to clarify, do you mean research plans, like you would have in EVE: Online?
Just like research tech tree
Sensor system tech tree. Searching for the position of another player would be limited by tech level.

As tech progresses players will be able to scan at greater distances and can detect cloaked vessels, and at the highest levels of the tech tree see basic information about the size of ships in a neighboring node after initiating a scan (which may have a time requirement)
I think it would be difficult to implement this kind of thing. You have to be careful that the tech tree does not mess with the ship stats too much. If you can just research around the weakness built in to any ship class it defeats the purpose of having different ships for different things. A big well shielded moth with a thick hull should never be able to be fast also. A light fast PK ship for hunting bulgs (nudge) shouldn't be able to have a huge cargo hold for trading.

Just saying.
There are easy ways to control things like this. The sheer mass of a ship, for example, could be used to cap its maximum speed
Research into each individual ship type.


Seeker, Fighter. - Small Class
Hunter, Attacker. - Medium Class
Destroyer. - Destroyer Class
Behemoth. - Behemoth Class
Carrier, Freighter. - Trader Class


Example:- GG offers Zephyr Class plans, you buy those plans which then branches out into the 5 research paths above. You can start Trader class immediately, but you have to then go through in order to get Behemoth Class research.

The low level ships should only have a very small amount of time associated to them. But the better the plans the more time, so if i got to Endy class plans, i now need to wait 6hrs 43mins to get my dessy research to then subsequently build it.


Allows more forethought into the game, gives the user the option to progress down certain plans instead of all. Allows users to log on more often to set the next research tree lol.


The hanger should have a storage area. Not only for Weapons, Ships and Missiles, but there should be the option to put trade items in.

So if i was mining, but the price isn't right for me to sell, i can go to the nearest Planet/Station to store my stuff until I'm ready to trade.

The Hangars should NOT be linked to all other planets, they should be separate, so if i left a ship at endy station then i can only see it at end station. However, i have a list in every hangar that tells me where and what is at every planet I've visited.

Just a couple more ideas I've thought of whilst on the bog...
Thomo is right on about hangars and storage. This will also allow players to stockpile a rss they find at a great price and hold it until the market conditions change.

I think missiles should have their own tech tree.

Missiles could be highly specialized, for example being useful primarily for destroying a big unarmored cargo ship quickly, or for damaging a satellite or for use against a big nasty moth.

I'm imagining highly specialized projectiles with devastating effects and an equally devastating price tag. Possibly buildable Only through player craft and possibly requiring a separate tech tree, or even manufacturing faculties.
Sensors! CBA to read through it all to see if its mentioned, but sensors. Have the ability to see what other people have got in the cargo bay, drones (if that gets implemented), what guns have they got, whats the max shield etc. But the main one I was thinking, is the ability to know when you are being scanned.

So if i was to scan myself, i get a little warning box or something, saying that i am being scanned, not necessarily telling who is doing it, just that someone is.
Maybe guild upgrades; upgrading member count, planet income, # stations? thoughts?

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