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In diaspora there was a mission system....

I can only remember a hand full of missions, all of the same type (go to planet / gate for 5-15k reward).

I think there should be a set of missions you can complete once each day for money and/or exp. (wow style)

Any thoughts?
I think that would be very cool, what do you think about like large scale events, where 40 players or so would have to fight there way through numerous enemies to destroy an enemy space station, and everyone that gets involved gets a cookie? Smile Not specifically a cookie but a prize of some sort xp, credits, maybe a slightly more powerful version of a common gun?
Sounds like what are called raids in wow:

I had issues with raiding on wow:
It was left to the leader to sort rewards
It became a requirement of guilds you had to raid each night for 3-4 hours a night and was the only thing guilds did together (In dias guilds felt more of a community/loyal)

I also enjoyed the games Ratboy put on in diaspora (nisus wars?) maybe there could be weekly or monthly events or some sort? (PvP with rules I guess)
Whoah I totally forgot about those missions!!! Big Grin

Like the large scale event idea a lot Big Grin Made me think of a completely different online game that shall remain nameless that has a mode where you play through a section normally, but randomly new missions will appear along the way which often require the players to work together to get the best award, ie if enough players clear the mission (getting closest to the goal or w/e), everyone gets a bonus prize. It very rarely singles out a single player who can win a HUGE reward for everyone if they succeed, so it's a pretty fun way to show off Big Grin I mean, prove your worth.. err.. work towards the benefit of others...
All these ideas sound great.Looking forward to seeing them implemented maybe sometime down the road once we have working server/client.
love the idea of missions and the idea of having large scale unique missions
Also bring in some simple missions like

- Kill 10 Rin (or any other npc botrace). You also can give it a time-limit, so you have to hurry to get the reward.
- Trade XXX amount of goods between 2 planets. Also with time-limit for better reward.

You could make allot of these types of missions on every planet in the universe. Also you can combine it with a fraction-system, where you can fly mission and get some special reward (goods, equip for the ship, spaceships, titels, ...)

Also you could think about a bigger story mission, i would have allot of ideas what you could bring into this story.

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