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2.14 Bug List
- Ryujin need removing from one node each side of Tacitus.
- Guild Tax last 30 Days occasionally doesn't populate for any on other than Guild Leader.
- Rogue Pirates (Hunter 2) Quest still resets when you log.
- Occasional fatal errors when landing (cannot recreate, just happens).
- Trade between Endy Station <--> Dysilica stuck on PA and CN respectively.
- Corridor Pirates congregate at the node one left of Jen Cando.
- When the server shuts down it doesn't save the PDC 'boosted' researches.
- If you get booted due to poor connection the client takes you to the home Login page, if you attempt to login you will be treated with a fatal error. Client has to be completely shut down and re-opened to prevent.
- Quick selling of items in hanger still randomly deselects the item causing ship to be sold.
- If you haven't completed the 'Create a Guild' or 'Rank up in Guild Quest' when your already the owner of a big guild you can never complete it.
- you actually make a loss on killing Traders UTD for the return.
- Seems to be a half-second lagg/ delay in opening the Galactic Map/ Jump Screen which increases slightly when logged in for a long duration.
- Jump Range not added to the new nodes attached to Helliathin.
- Militia get stuck one down and right of Tyros.
- When all sound is muted in the options you can still hear the ship explosion sound.
- Not all bots have the delay on shooting, is this because they were one node away when attacking another bot? Can you explain the new AI rules?
- Quest notification doesn't show any information. Example: When leaving the quest screen it just shows 'hide'. Could have wording with it to say No Quest active.
- Active Quest panel on the Ship HUD (second yellow button from the top) has a bright blue background with white righting, and it's extremely bright. It's barely readable and usable.
- Recon Quests state 'go to x planet, and land', you don't have to land to complete the quest, just enter the node.
- Renos Brin <--> Kaydarin trade route needs buffing. Currently the Dy and Endy trade is better per hour and less dangerous.
- The jump button lags locks the mouse to the client.
- Quest 'Money in the Bank' can be complete just by trading money with each other.
- Big lag when you get popped and the HUD disappeared but you can see the node graphic. Then a big delay to see the continue screen.
- Not all miners shoot asteroids and collect the loot.
- Quest appear in different order for individuals.
- The box showing the completed quest in the menu is too big for the column used, so you lose some of the box.
- Word wrap on quests (for example Seller 5) in the centre HUD flashes as it attempts to stay on the same line and then jumps to the second line.
- Sat repair at high levels don't actually cost that much, approx 4.5k per 1%. Is a high level sat meant to cost more money to repair?
- When you patch the server, or server goes down, all boosted research is wiped. You end up losing your PDC.
- Chat lines and text were randomly disappearing today. Cant recreate.
- Party maxes out at 5. No long accept invite.
- When either leaving or being booted from a party you can stop receiving exp, you have to log off and back in again for it to stop.
- seller 6 quest is bugged for me. Ive made 2.4 mil in trading now on both accounts and each trip is only raising the quest counter by 800. (Turns out its the quest counter that is bugged, still managed to complete the quest).
- Your own guild show up as white, not green. Not sure if its meant to do that but figured surely your own guild would be green lol.
- Guild diplomacy bugged. Every now and then the green drops from alliances and shows them as neutral.
- Planet Lore doesn’t match stats. Some of the planets state they have a higher population than others, yet with the satellites you can see that the population is the same.
- Skins are fixed. BUT, try being in node with one when it jumps in. It doubles its size and shows its original colour for the finest amount of time. Also because of this the skin can drop whilst jumping into new nodes and will then randomly return.

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