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Newbie Protection And Research Level increasing by rank
to encourage new player to join the game , we should limit player below rank 9 should not able to shoot or being shot at.

Research level should only be unlock increasing rank especialy jump range.

rank 12 -->> corridor pirate
rank 13 -->> lazarous
rank 14 -->> rin
rank 15 -->> sentinel
rank 16 -->> open every research

in this way newbie will not die so easy that they feel fedup with the game. they would go hunt more for the level rather than just trading and research.
Sounds terrible and I'm afraid I disagree with the very assertion of what you're getting at, that most newbies who die, because someone higher rank pops them, will want to give up because of it so should be protected at all cost, like some kind of treasure.

It sure didn't stop me when I was new, hasn't stopped others, and I think if there was that level of coddling going on here that would prevent me from facing any threat from players or engaging in PVP until I grinded up to rank 9, I'd have gotten bored and quit long before then. I've quit games before, as a new player, because of over-restrictive built-in protections or even because of high-level players thinking I wanted their "help" as they dumped heaps of currency and items in my lap. Instead of encouraging me to continue however, all it did was take the challenge out and accelerate my disinterest.

New players aren't ever as fragile as you think they are. While some might rage and quit after dying in their first PVP engagement (because there are people who will always do this when they don't get what they want and that doesn't change depending on rank), so too will others get turned off by constant hand-holding.

You want to make things a little easier for newbies, fine. There's ways to do that, but to close them off to PVP until they reach an arbitrary rank value is a bad idea. Dying is a part of the game. Learning from death and failure is important. And in my opinion, it's better if every single player learned that-- early and often.

What's more, from a pragmatic angle-- it hurts a lot less, in this game, to get popped at lower ranks than at higher ranks. When you're losing ships that value routinely in the millions and it takes you hours of hunting and trading to buy them, THAT hurts. But when you get killed at lower ranks, it's not hard to recoup loses and get another ship. So really, you're not losing much to cry about, and if that's enough to make you quit, maybe this isn't the game for you, because it's not gonna get any easier later.

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