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Finalized Useable Items
All items used in space will have a cool off period of 60 seconds. Which means no matter what item you use, you will not be able to consume another for 60 seconds. This of course this will need testing. Below are items that the community has come up with in conjunction with us, we both agree these items will be created. Now we just need to adjust the effect, and the base price. Because these items will be sold dynamically we need a base price to start at and based on supply and demand it will go up or down.  None of the numbers below are final, just that we agree the game needs this item. When we decide the costs will switch the text color to BLUE. Also these items will be over in the crafting department as well.

- Repair Bots - Repair your ships hull instantly in space. Great for a fight or a worst case bot encounter.


1 - Repair 10% of Hull

2 - Repair 20% of Hull

3 - Repair 30 % of Hull

Negative Effect - No other items can be used for 60 seconds.

- Spice Bomb - A mind stimulant to increase your reflexes. Great highs, bad lows.


1 - 10% Increase in evasion - 60 seconds

2 - 20% Increase in evasion - 60 seconds

3 - 30% Increase in evasion - 60 seconds

Negative Effect - No other item can be used for 60 seconds, evasion reduced to 0 for 60 seconds after use wears off.

- Shield Overload - Push all your power to shields and squeeze every last bit of power from the engines. Scotty would be proud.

1 - Boost shields by 10% - 60 seconds

2 - Boost shields by 20% - 70 seconds

3 - Boost shields by 30% - 75 seconds

Negative Effect - No other items can be used for 60 seconds, Jump engine charge speed is reduced by half for 120 seconds.
i think the boost time is too much for evasion and shield , sincerely think that 20 second boost and disable of 60 seconds is reasonable
Like what I'm seeing, but at a first glance, I'd like more information about those boosts. It's hard to evaluate balance unless we get more information here.

First question, how long are the cooldown between uses for these boosts? You mention 60 seconds between items but is that 60 seconds after activation or 60 seconds after the boost's effects have worn off?

Second, when you mention a 10%, 20%, or 30% repair for the bots, are we talking a flat HP amount or is that %/sec? If that's flat HP, then that's insane restoration and I'd be completely against it unless you create damage boosts to counteract the amount of HP generation.

At a 10-30% flat restoration, a player could easily escape any conflict and get back to a planet for repairs unless attacked by a group. At present, an ambusher can wait 2 nodes away from a planet to ambush someone by charging their jump drive, initiating attack when someone jumps in, then when they try to jump out, follow and finish the job. But with that kind of health boost, single player ambushes would be nearly impossible. The ambusher would need to hit a player 3 or more nodes away from any planet or jump gate, AND have higher speed to consistently keep jumping when their target flees, AND hope that with that higher speed they're not sacrificing their ability to actually fight. And that's not taking into account cooldown.

Third, the Evasion from Spice Bomb and Shield boost from Shield Overload. So at max, We're getting a 30% evasion or shield increase for 60 seconds? That's pretty huge or at least seems so. Is that +30% off current evasion/shield amount or +30 in the stat? Depending, that could make certain ships practically invulnerable against all but group attacks and again make single-player ambushes impossible. The negative effects are fair, but you might need something else to counteract those advantages or tweak the numbers a bit. I advise testing and trialing this before pushing it out on the main server.

Fourth, to build off the last point, you need something to counteract these boosts. All of them I've noticed have one thing in common-- they're defensive in nature. HP Heal, Damage Evasion, Damage Mitigation. You need to balance this by creating something that will improve offensive capability and I'd recommend pushing that out simultaneously with these defensive boosts. So how do you plan to address that? Damage, Rate of Fire, or Accuracy boost items? Will Missiles perhaps offset the defensive boosts? Can you provide details on said Missiles if so?

Thank you.
Those were just rough fill in the blank numbers nothing solid. I would assume, but want to chat with Mike about how reliably we can repair health over x amount of time while in space. Then I can jump on this a tiny bit more.

For cool offs I would figure all of them would start cooling off at the moment the effect finishes. Not once its activated. All for adding attack and damage boosts as well.

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