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Finalized - Manufacturing/Crafting
Finalized Manufacturing w/ Build List (Whats included to create the item) We need to go through now and figure out how many of what equals what. I would assume the lower end of the trade price for any one good would be 25 per unit. That's for the raw resource. We should probably attach a base price to all tier 2 and tier 3 items that they sell at as a starting point, then we can dynamically decide how much to adjust based on the supply and any given planet.

Current Green Lit Items
Tier 1 Items / Raw Resources

Cn - A valuable nautrally-occurring oil used as a fuel source.

Gs - Highly radioactive. Used for energy. Used on spacecraft as core heating system.
Kw - Main planetary food source
Pa - Strongest metal known. Used for ship construction
Ts - Used in circuitry and electronic components.
Zy - Inert liquid metal. Used for manufacturing and lubrication. Also used as wealth display.
Mg - Medical properties.
Ve - Precious metal for jewelry, sculptures, sometimes currency.
Gs* - Use in industry. Poor substitute for Ge.
Ge - Used in jump drives and shielding.

Tier 2 Items

Sheet Metal (Sm) -- Pa and Gs*

Heavy Plastics (Hp) -- Cn, Zy, and Gs*
Super Conductors (Sc) -- Ts
Exotic Matter (Em) -- Ge
Processed Food (Pf) -- Kw
Power Cells (Pc) -- Ts, Pa
Water H20
Medical Supplies (Ms) -- Mg
Nanobots (Nb) -- Zy, Ts
Sealed Propellant (Sp) -- Cn
Crystalized Zynine (Cz) -- Zy
Enriched Actinoids (Ea) -- Gs

Tier 3 Items

Repair Bots - Lvl 1-3 hull repair -

Spice Bomb - Lvl 1-3 ups evasion -

Shield Overload - Lvl 1-3 ups shield -

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