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Additional Miscellaneous Equipment
So the Usable Items thread got me thinking of Misc equipment that I'd like to see added to the game, but I didn't want to clutter it up with my thoughts there, so I'll simply add them here.  

What's more, there's something a little different I'd like to see if possible.  At present, all the Miscellaneous equipment we can equip provide a passive boost.  What I'd like to see, along with the equipment we have at present, would be Miscellaneous equipment that would require manual activation via key-press before providing a temporary boost and then going to a cooldown period before it can be activated again.  I think it would make combat more dynamic, so let me know if that's an attractive option for you.  I'd strongly recommend if you go that route to make Misc equipment that comes with an active effect non-stackable (meaning only 1 of the same type of active equipment per ship), unlike with passive Misc equipment.

Either way, for convenience and organization purposes, I'll separate my ideas for both Passive and Active Misc equipment below:

Possible Passive Miscellaneous Equipment.

1.)  Afterburner:  A specialized auxiliary addition to any thruster that increases a ship's evasion.   +% Evasion
2.)  Auto-Targeting System:  Locks ship onto a target upon immediately jumping into a sector.  Useful for getting that first shot off in an engagement (though the targeting system may lock onto an asteroid, NPC, or different player if there are multiple objects in a sector so be aware and be ready to change targets manually if you have to)
3.)  Tracking Computer: +% Accuracy on ship weapons.
4.)  Damage Control Modification:  Comprehensive security systems that use a mix of internal shielding, inbuilt redundancies, and containment protocols to cauterize ship wounds, limit damage, and ensure easy salvage of destroyed hardware.  -%Repair Cost.

Possible Active Miscellaneous Equipment

1.)  Weapon Override:  A bypassing system that allows a pilot to override the default safety controls of ship weaponry and force additional output at the cost of weapon integrity and energy supply.  When activated:  +% fire-rate, +% damage, -% weapon health every shot, -% Jump drive charge, -% Shield.
2.)  Target Painter:  A sensory system that improves the signature radius of a target, enabling guns to more accurately hit their target for a period of time.  When activated:  +% Accuracy.  
3.)  Emergency Shield Generator:  An additional shield generator that can be activated to provide a flat burst of additional HP for a short period of time.  That additional HP disappears after the time limit expires or after gun fire has brought it down, whichever comes first, leaving the host with whatever HP they had before activating the shield.  When activated, Jump charge drains to 0 and stays deactivated even for a period of time after the shield is gone before charging again.

Some of this I realize may be viable and worth the effort, and some of it may very well not.  I leave the complicated task of balance up to you.  
I really like these ideas and even more so cool down abilities. Good work dude.

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