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Useable items
Through drops and crafting we would like to add a system to allow players to have items for use in space. These items might a small jump boost, a mind altering substance that increases reflects to give a boost to evasion, repair bots to give in space hull repair, or a shield overload that upgrades your shield output but freezes your ability to jump for X amount of time.
Please post ideas for useable items, their effects, and uses in space.
What about like when shields are up use such item  and it can reflect  next 5 attacks back to target but you take increased damge for next 5 secs... Something with debuffs that way it will not  be people so often. By having a debuff from using such item the pilot must decide quickly is it worth it is it going to help me or hurt me. I also think there should be Ranks or teirs for such item highest teir maybe no debuff or only a chance to get debuff..
Here's some ideas for some good expendables:

1) Nanobots: Pop them and your hull will recover health at a steady rate (no flat HP sums, just HP/sec repair over a period of time).
2) Shield Booster: An expendable Ge battery that is fed into the shield generator, temporarily boosting output, but once active, the substantial heat reduces jump drive efficiency until the booster is expended (+shield power/-jump charge)
3) Drugs: Mind-altering chemicals gotten through questionable means that might improve performance in one area while potentially holding detrimental side-affects in one or more other areas. Below are some ideas for drugs:

a. Push - Methamphetamine. Injected. Benefits: +% Damage Possible Negatives: -Weapon Health every shot, -Shield, Crashing effect after wear-off lowers all stats for a period.
b. Brainbomb - Deliriant. Injected. Benefits: +% Speed Possible Negatives: -Shield, -Evasion, Might not be able to land.
c. N-Tex - Stimulant. Inhaled. Benefits: +% Evasion Possible Negatives: -Accuracy, Hull blocked for all targets, Pilot search jammed.
d. Flush - Inhibitor. Swallowed. Benefits: +% Accuracy Possible Negatives: -Evasion, -Speed, -1 sec delay between new clicked command.

4) Scan Drone: Deploys a drone that continually reports the hull status of all ships within the area.

Believe this should be enough for now. A lot of this is going to have an effect on balance so it'd be important to see what you plan to add. I know there are ideas to make use of missiles as sort of more aggressive consumables. That may necessitate the need for more consumables in time, but I'll withhold knowing what missiles you'll be adding, we should keep it simple.
Modular Mobile Depot - item for storing stuff in space, maybe with security options for guilds or even party members. The depot is configurable, can mount basic defenses, maybe the items you can equip are based on how much you wish to invest in the depot, and it could be destroyed by other players. Maybe Freighters have a unique ability to steal a depot or something.

I think it would also be cool to have items that allow players to manipulate the node in some ways, for some Player vs Player vs Environment stuff. It would also be cool to allow players to interact with planets in some way, as of now there's no incentive for players to care about them.

Personally I'm not sure how I feel about consumables that effect major stats, like evasion, damage or shields.. I think stuff like that is better suit for active/passive skills or even equippable items instead. I could be wrong, though. I don't think that I am.

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