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Diaspora - A Dynamic Economy
So I'm going to need help but this is what I would like to do. Add several more goods and begin to have certain planets produce finished goods and raw materials. These would be produced a specific rate and would replenish each trade cycle. Some planets would not have specific goods to sell. IE Hysang obviously isn't producing food, and it's to cold on Weekends to support Kengo Weed. LM obviously won't be exporting massive mineral reserves but could export H20 and electronic components. So it eoll be possible for planets to have no resources of a certain type and run out if they are purchased and sold elsewhere. To further support this new economy the prices will be dynamic so the value of the good completely depends on how much supply and demand there is. Not much water somewhere then water sells high. To much TS it drives the price down at the planet. This ties into planet and sat upgrades. Want to raise the population at LM? Instead of a giant pile of credkts, you need a small pile of credits and a large amount of food, medical supplies, and building supplies. Want to upgrade your sat? Same thing a smaller amount of credits and metal alloys and circuits. Want to repair the sat? More circuits and alloys. Which players have to buy which then dynamically changes the prices of the goods. Lots of repairs for ships? Eats up items from the market lowering the supply. (No if supply reaches zero we will not stop you from repairing your ship)

This ties in our stock market some companies deal in these goods so if the goods are moving so is that companies stock. You buying a new Endy beho, that adjust Endy Corps stock .Buying water from LM galactic water co's stock rises. Lots of xens selling guess who's stock goes up? 

This allows for long long range stock trades, an ever changing landscape of supply and demand, makes some planets more valuable than others, and will allow us to also add a crafting aspect of the game where players can build guns, repair bots, and other items. All effecting prices 
Please post ideas on tradeable goods and their use, as well as potential companies and their basic back stories.
Well I think where I'd like to start is establishing a tier system that builds into itself. If you can establish that x and y minerals, when put in a manufacturing plant, produce z component, which then is used with other components that produce something useful like a ship, a weapon, a station, etc. then you get a far more dynamic player-driven economy. That means, we should really look at the list of minerals we currently have available, make sure we understand their functon, then see what we might be able to add to go into a more complete system.

From what I've gleaned, and please correct me if I'm wrong on any of this, the current minerals work as such:

Cn - A valuable naturally-occurring oil used as a fuel source.
Gs - Highly radioactive. Used for energy. Used on spacecraft as core heating system.
Kw - Main planetary food source.
Pa - Strongest metal known. Used for ship construction.
Ts - Used in circuitry and electronic components.
Zy - Inert liquid metal. Used for manufacturing and lubrication. Also used as wealth display.
Mg - Medical properties.
Ve - Precious metal for jewelry, sculptures, sometimes currency.
Gs*- Use in industry. Poor substitute for Ge.
Ge - Used in jump drives and shielding.

Looking at this list, I want to ask a few questions so we can better create a worthy trade system.

1.) Cn is mentioned as being a naturally-occurring type of oil. The description states this could be valuable as a fuel source, but except for the construction of missiles as perhaps their fuel, I have a hard time placing where we'd use this mineral as our ships don't really ever require fueling. However, I do have one idea of another use for it, if indeed it behaves similarly to oil-- plastics. Perhaps Cn could be used to build plastics, which then could be used for constructing electrical components, etc.

2.) Zy and Gs* are mentioned as having industrial and manufacturing uses. Could you elaborate on that? What is their function in that area? Does all modern manufacturing work require these minerals? Does some require one while others require the other? Gs* in fact has little in way of actual description aside from the fact it is a poor man's Ge when it comes to shield and jump drive construction.

3.) Ts is mentioned as being used in electrical hardware. I assume it functions like a futuristic copper?

4.) Lastly, what other basic elements do you plan to add? You mention H2O. What of various gases that could be created or mined even from the atmosphere of planets or gas clouds in space? I'd like to hear what building blocks we should be expected to work with.

*not to be confused with the other Gs. This is the one in pink instead of orange.
Also with this idea we need to remove asteroids dropping all loot. As if Kengo Weed will naturally grow on a rock. These need to be changed to just some kind of ore.
So lets say by chance just an idea here.....So we get quest to move certain merchdise/trade goods from one planet to another (im thinking item crafted) In dire need on a planet that is dependent on this to survie.....While caring this so called item...Do we get a buff or a debuff and if successful a bonus at the end or buff for such amount time say %profit margin while trading for 1hr to this certain planet or certain item.....hmmmm this idea could go a long ways.....
So the lore and back story on the items goes back to the OG, and that basically means there is none. So we can really adjust the lore on these goods anyway we see fit.

For additional stuff
H20 - H20
Food Supplies - FS
Circuit Components - CC
Weapon components - WC
Engine Parts - EP
Mining Equipment - ME
TBD Gas - Good for terraforming?

Most of which above would require some of the stuff from below to create

Cn - A valuable naturally-occurring oil used as a fuel source.
Gs - Highly radioactive. Used for energy. Used on spacecraft as core heating system. - This would be powering everything major.
Kw - Main planetary food source. - I would adjust this to basically a crop that is made into fiber for clothes and things that are soft and pliable yet tough
Pa - Strongest metal known. Used for ship construction. - So here is our main component for ship building, and space facilities
Ts - Used in circuitry and electronic components. - Yes lets consider this our copper
Zy - Inert liquid metal. Used for manufacturing and lubrication. - Lets drop the whole used as wealth and just say its a dense heavy metal used in mining for drill bits, and places where hard points would be.
Mg - Medical properties. - Fix people.
Ve - Precious metal for jewelry, sculptures, sometimes currency. - Basically gold for our neutral zone.
Gs*- Use in industry. Poor substitute for Ge. basically synthetic GS
Ge - Used in jump drives and shielding. - Rare has to be mind
So the way I'm thinking it the raw resources are produced at X Amount per trade cycle. Some planets would produce far more of certain elements than others, and asteroids as you guys suggested would only hold certain elements.

Those could then be crafted in bulk for say Food Supplies, Circuits, engine parts, mining equip ect ect, those items would only be player produced but would be subject to the dynamic trade market so there would be incentive to take the extra step to craft them. Those more refined products would then be required for better crafting as well as say upgrading a planets economy. You would need X DC + Mining Equipment, food supplies, and H20 to say upgrade a planets economic output, as well as maybe a few of the raw resources.
One way you could structure the trade system would be through a tier system where base minerals build into commodities that build into other commodities that build into the things players will use.

Tier 1:

Cn - A valuable nautrally-occurring oil used as a fuel source.
Gs - Highly radioactive. Used for energy. Used on spacecraft as core heating system.
Kw - Main planetary food source
Pa - Strongest metal known. Used for ship construction
Ts - Used in circuitry and electronic components.
Zy - Inert liquid metal. Used for manufacturing and lubrication. Also used as wealth display.
Mg - Medical properties.
Ve - Precious metal for jewelry, sculptures, sometimes currency.
Gs* - Use in industry. Poor substitute for Ge.
Ge - Used in jump drives and shielding.

Tier 2:

Sheet Metal (Sm) -- Pa and Gs*
Heavy Plastics (Hp) -- Cn, Zy, and Gs*
Super Conductors (Sc) -- Ts
Exotic Matter (Em) -- Ge
Processed Food (Pf) -- Kw
Power Cells (Pc) -- Ts, Pa
Water (H2O) -- H2O
Medical Supplies (Ms) -- Mg
Nanobots (Nb) -- Zy, Ts
Sealed Propellant (Sp) -- Cn
Crystalized Zynine (Cz) -- Zy
Enriched Actinoids (Ea) -- Gs

Tier 3:

Data Chips -- Super Conductors, Heavy Plastics
Small Arms -- Sheet Metal, Super Conductors, Power Cells
Battleweapon Parts -- Sheet Metal, Super Conductors, Enriched Actinoids
Reactor Parts -- Enriched Actinoids, Sheet Metal, Super Conductors
Drive Components -- Exotic Matter, Sheet Metal, Super Conductors
Drill Bit -- Crystalized Zynine, Sheet Metal, Super Conductors

You don't have to get as complicated as this, mind you. You can either expand on these tiers or cut some out as you prefer, but you get the idea. In this way, the goods traded can be sold to planets as they demand or can be used to build into everything from weapons, ships, satellites, chips, etc. If nothing else, I hope the items above give you ideas. What's more, I think it's important to make it worthwhile for players to care what happens to planets by making the result directly affect them. For instance, one way to do that is if a planet is getting a lot of what it needs, it grows, which can translate to greater wealth from taxes and such for the player in command of that planet. But if a planet doesn't get what it needs, its population decreases and it produces less in turn.

While we're on that subject, since I know you've plans to include a black market as well, here's some ideas for black market goods that might be traded. These goods will sell well but would be extremely detrimental to a planet's production when bought or sold (depending on the item) and could come with substantial risk. What's more, if black market goods are bought or sold, it could lower affinity for the trader, and the player in charge of that planet may be alerted as to who was buying/selling black market goods, what kind, and how many. This in turn could act as excellent justification for player conflict.

To that end, here's a list of possible black market goods:

Body Parts
Small Arms and Explosives (on certain planets)
Alien Parasites
Nerve Staplers

Depending on the planet, certain of these goods could even be legal to buy or sell a particular black market good in (for instance, the Rin might not care about the sale of body parts or slaves), but in the event of that, those planets also wouldn't be as profitable as attempting trade of such risky items on a less than legal planet.
First of all i think the economy thing is back to the basic what people needs the desire etc , the population should also have different class like

low income pop -->> farmer , miner , factory worker etc
medium income pop -->> Office Administrator , Engineer , Doctor , Lawyer , Trader , Specialities at certain industries
high income pop -->> CEO , Managers , Politician

low income pop -->> food water , Tier 1 Ship , basic medical services , high school education
medium income pop -->> food , water , Tier 2 Ship , high end Medical services , somewhat luxury , Robotic stuff , Universities
high income pop -->> food water , Tier 3 Ship , luxries , black market exotic , life expanding medical , Galactical Science Center ,n , , Slaves , Robot ETC

the planet should always control by AI and will not be taken over by players ,theres few faction that will run the Planet each producing different goods and supplying each other. however guild can gain their reputation with the factions for completing quest. and then becoming a partner with the faction and affects the production and rage war with other faction to gain control the other planet. guild that has good reputation with the faction will able to get assistant from the AI bot that is patroling in the area , they will come automatic when a player is attacked in the faction zone.

------ FOOD , WATER , Oil , H20 Basic need can only produce by planet ------

guild with certain reputation can gain a land purchase permit, where they can setup a HQ base and upgrading the base to build
GOODS FACTORY -- >> Produce goods exceptional from basic needs ( to generate income for guild )
Ship Dock And Repair -- >> reduce repair cost of guild member ship
Research Center -- >> Research GUN , MISSILE , MISC where only can use by guild member

alot more idea of these but ill stop here , perhaps its not suitable for diaspora , too complicated and out of topic

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