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Active skills/abilities
Hey, I was thinking it would be cool to have maybe 4 different kind of active skills you can swap between - having 1 active at a time and you using it from your ship like a special ability almost  (bear with me i'm just throwing ideas out there)

I was kind of thinking 1 for each main game activity, the power or range/frequency could be locked behind a skill tree
  • Trading: 2 times an hour instantly access the trade prices of a selected planet
  • Killing bots: like a pulse scan from your node once every 5-10 minutes which highlights any nodes within 7 nodes with an AI bot in
  • Bounty hunting/avoiding: Place a tracker on a player once an hour for 5 minutes which constantly updates you where his node is ingame on the jump map for that duration 
  • Party buff: Buff all the ships in your party with 3% extra shields for 2 minutes once an hour
  • Stealth mode: go undetectable by search for 3mins - can be countered with bounty hunter tag

You could swap this skill only at home planet or any planet but stuck behind time wall of 1 hour or something

The figures i suggested aren't really well thought through, so don't take them literally and the skills were off the top of my head so add better ones if you can think of them, also i have no idea how much of a pain in the ass something like this would be to implement but it would add utility, variety and customisation for players.
I like the ability of active skills and maybe even ship class specific passive skills. Like a certain class coming default with a scan jam.
Yeah the more dynamic you can make a ship and make it different or more customize it to player the more fun the game gets.Poor mike..

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