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Ship stats
Some ships that i think are a bit wonky, specially when compared to other ships in their Tier

Helios Behe. R18
costs: 35mil + 175k rep
evasion: 15

Endy Behe R18
Costs: 24mil +125k rep
Speed: 3
Hull: 3200

So 11 Million extra for Helios Behe gets you 8 less shields, 100 less cargo. 400 extra hull and 1 extra speed and an extra 50k repping costs. I personally don't think that is right. Either the helios need buffing or the endy needs nerfing. Even if you brought the Helios up to 60 shields i'm not sure 400 hull and 1 extra speed 50k extra rep and 100 less cargo is worth 11million for the same Rank ship? maybe add another 200 hull, after all this supposed to be the best ship in the game. But then does this put the hyp behe out of kilter. If you nerf the Endy behe 200 hull and 2 shields that would make it a more feasible but then it has the same hull as the endy dessy. I don't like this mine field of domino stats changes. Think it is easier (for me) to just highlight the imbalances as i see them

Another ship maybe worth looking at is the Helio attacker which seems unusually strong.

Helios Attacker R17
Costs: 12.5mil +62.5k rep
Speed: 12
Hull: 3200

Think i would straight up just chop 300 or more hull off it, it's got the same hull as the endymoth with 30 evasion and its only 400 hull less than the helios behemoth at almost 1/3 the price.

Just a general observation, to say how slow and lacking in evasion behemoths are i don't think they are compensated enough in other stats to make them appealing really.

*Might pick some other obscurities out while i'm perusing the stats table and identify them here
The attacker is way off I don't think we meant to make it that powerful that'll be adjusted right away. On the rest of the ship's I did make some changes I won't update the sheet and get it out till sometime tomorrow though I just ran out of time today to make the changes public. In game changes to the Hell.otj, Endy Moth, Heli, Endy, Hyperion destroyers, Talos fighter were made.
Noticed (what i assume is a small error) when i was updating the guild ship stat sheet that in Nisus attacker's rank requirement is a 5 while the destroyer's is a 4.
Ok I like most of the ship changes. Just a few things i've noticed

The endy fighter still needs a nerf of like 5 evasion and a price hike. Compared it's T3 brethren its too strong for the money

You raised the price on the Hyperion attacker but left the Heli Attacker the same and it is still much stronger than the Hyp attacker?
This doesn't follow the pricing trends of the ships either so i'm guessing that was a mistake. Now the Endymoth is much stronger depending on the price the heli attacker i think you might be right with not nerfing it.
Going by previous ships the attacker seems to be roughly twice the price of the freighters so that would make the Hyp att about 14 mil and the Heli 17, which would reflect the stat differences nicely

The Hyperion Behemoth must be feeling a little left out it didn't get the 16 guns and now it's main competitor is the Heli Destroyer
appears to be the stronger, faster and cheaper option, albeit with 2 less guns. Not really sure what to recommend here, maybe a smidge extra hull or a bit more speed for the behemoth as Hyperion are seemingly supposed to be the fastest T3 ship class.

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