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Purposed Ai Changes
Since we are adjusting the jump ranges and that will restrict Ai more, IE no running and farming sents at rank 4 when sents should be a much higher rank. We want to adjust the Ai flow so it works better and spreads players out on the map better. So no raging, just suggesting.  Smile  this is what I have so far, there is also a few general ship stat changes that effect player and Ai.

Change to Laz damage taken .25

Change to Miners damage taken .25
Raised Klynn Rank +1
Raised Klynn Payout DC
Raised Gen Raider damage taken .25
Raised Rin Raider DC payout
Raised Corridor Pirates Payout
Raised Rin Raider Rank +1
Raised Payout of DC on some rouge pirates.
Adjust Rin Raider Respawn from 3m to 4m
Adjust Klynn Respawn from 3m to 4m
Raised Some Rin DC payout
Raised DC payout on Tacitus
Add Two Second Delay on Ai attacking
adjusted rank for Z-A-N
Adjust ranks for M-N-T
Adjust Evasion for Z-A-N Moths
Adjust Ai to remember you, but not notify other Ai in the area.

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