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Running Patch Schedule - 2019 Updated Jan 23
Top will show the current patch , we will move those to the bottom of the post, and wish list items after current targets.

Patch Target 2.14- We Think We will actually be able to get these all in, if there is any issues getting these in and tested we will kick a few over to 2.13 if we come up with anything else to add for 2.12 or 2.13 will add it. Smile

- Launcher Revamp - Delayed till like 2.16 
- Admin Console For Testing, change range, change rank, install finish upgrade, add PDC
99% upgrade.
- Memory Leak when hunting and trading
-Green Tint on some players screens when in window mode 
- Better Notification for Guild Invites
- Kay Grav - Kaydin Beho
- More Trader Ai Not Convoys, Well armed freighters.
- Tool Tips Chat System
- Tool Tips in Guild Center for Loan
- Tool Tip for Party System
- PDC Menu, Left of menu shows spent spent transactions
- PDC Button Home Screen
- Bounty Hunter Upgrade - See If Player has a bounty, Upgrade 2, See the total Amount 500k 12 hours, 500k 12 hours
- Achievements need to be displayed for other players
- View Guild Menu sort menus
- Adjust Jump Research times down - see Research Doc.
- Where are party members on the map, Jump Screen Button.
- Where are guild members on the map, Jump Screen Button.
- News On Login Screen For Steam
- Dysillica, HySang and Helliathan waaay dark on map.
- Cut down number of ships on screen by 10 so we can increase the overall size of the ships in space.
- Hull and Shields Numerically displayed
- Redo Menu system (in the works) to lower than 3 clicks
- Audio for when Jump is full
- Additional Audio options, allow to turn off all sound except for audio warning when attacked
- When a Player or Ai is clicked it should display different colors
Allied Guild - Light blue
Guild Member - Green
AI -Yellow
Enemy Guild - Red
Admin or Mod - Darkblue
- Explosions need to be more transparent, when you are getting shellacked hard to see or at least go away faster
- Can we do keyboard shortcuts for actions?
- Allow 3d Rotate and Zoom in hanger
- Rather than make the nodes hidden when lower rank, maybe grey them out. With a message that says further space exploration research is needed.
- New skins for Neried and Helios - Classic skins - Asked Camilo waiting for him to make
- Need Player menu to view other players, should include info about the players stats, kills, guild, position in guild
as well as the total net worth of the player, not just cash on hand.
- Press enter on login screen should automatically attempt to log you in
- Decrease amount of ships on screen so we can increase size, taking into account ship size within
a class. Also Talos appear to large in game on some ships.
- Engage should switch to Disengage when attacking.
- Display XP either how much counting down to next level, or 10/1000 on hud

- Manage Guild screen show green dot for online.
- Mail System in game seems to cut people off in multiple sentences, word wrap not working.
- Wish List that takes a little doing
- Split Screen to compare your current ship with another you want to buy
so on a base level you can see the good and bad.
- A favorite ship load out, be able to build your ship and save the config, so god forbid
you die you can restore the ship if you have the money.
-When in a party, can you highlight in orange where other party members currently are?
- Party members can see each others hull
- New Chat and HUD
- Active Clock on HUD

Below Completed 2.14
- Add TOS and PP to register screen
- Ranks Of Ai Displayed
- Guild Summary screen for all guild membres with basic guild info, members, players online, ranks
- View Guilds, beside planet numbers owned, hover over planets owned show names of planets.
- Exit Button On Login Screen
- Bots need to have two second delay before attacking a player
- Bots need to have a two second delay before chasing a player
- Upgrade - Planetary Distress - Planetary Research - 24 Hours / 500k Sends notification to guild rank with planetary clearance when Planet under siege.
- Cockpit Display whether guild is allied, neutral, or enemy based on diplomacy settings.
- Switch Asteroids in Gen Zone HP 100-400
- Skins dont show for people
- Trade PDC - Better PDC to DC exchange rate
- Financial History - 30 days
- Activate Guild Taxes % of each transactions made goes to guild .5-3% includes members goods sell, hunting prizes
- Withdraw money from the guild bank
- Planet Lore
- Planetary Information display amounts defaulted and upgraded. IE Base money generation 500, upgrade adds 5% show 500+5%
- Notification for Guild Leader on Sat payout with amount
- Convoy Ai
Patch Target 2.11 - Ai Rework - Fix a few faulty scripts on the Ai. For attacking, defending.
Patch Target 2.11- Jump Range - Adjust the map to the new jump ranges which don't allow for higher Ai access till later ranges. Open up other areas and Ai up in a specific way.
Patch Target 2.11- Put PDC on front of HUD landed - Show PDC left, and a link to go to the PDC menu on the HUD landed graphic.
Patch Target 2.11 -Change Jump Range to Galactic Exploration - The name confuses people please adjust.
Patch Target 2.11- Add PDC Quest - Get free 100 PDC on quest activation
Patch Target 2.11- Add PDC Quest to go buy any chip receive 1000 PDC
Patch Target 2.11- Fix trading Spread so it cant be gamed
Patch Target 2.11- Adjust trad prices - TBD
Patch Target 2.11- Fix Guild Invite language
Patch Target 2.11- Adjust Leaderboard - Leaderboard should only display top X players, the rest need to be searched for. Cut down on lag.
Patch Target 2.11- Some Numbers in Upgrades IE Planetary upgrade cut off price. The numbers run outside the text fields.
Patch Target 2.11- Lower Asteroids Hit points in Gen Zone by 25%, cut jump speed by 100% Asteroids are currently to fast for new players to easily shoot and them disappearing quickly is confusing.
Patch Target 2.11- In the description of the tutorial quest "Trading Course 101", the sentence "Buying good on the planet where they are produced at a cheap price, traveling to a planet where they are in high demande", "demande" is    spelled incorrectly
Patch Target 2.11- Some quests are over flowing with text, Example Trade 101, and Sharpen your skills
Patch Target 2.11- Larger Alert on Tutorial Left side
Patch Target 2.11- Move Launcher to Test Server
Patch Target 2.11- Change hanger to picture Mike should have picture.
Patch Target 2.11- Scroll bar on chat for mouse shouldn't switch shields vice versa.
Patch Target 2.11-Fix Box on test server launcher.
Patch Target 2.11- Exit button for the login screen.
Patch Target 2.11-Memory leak for the launcher .
Patch Target 2.11 - Boosted and Non Boosted Researches react incorrectly when hit with unexpected reboot. They need to restore to last save point AND account for any server downtime.
- Quest to rank up in guild doesn't work - Chip Iron Shield
- Chat randomly stops responding, both myself and Hugo reports.
- Corridor Pirates quest asks for a cargo drop there is no cargo drop quest can't be completed remove.
- Moros appears out of order in 2.12-2-3 in hanger. Tier 2 ship set not tier 3
- QoL wish list item, on players health bar display the actual digital health as well.
- Add clear overlay to landed and space screens for new players to give basic information, tips and ect

- Add TOS and PP to player register
- Add Research - 25k or Died. Ability to send DC to players. 100k Cost.
- Adjust chat to be top right, can we make it sizeable and more transparent. Maybe decrease the text size a little.
- Confirm sale of ships
- When selling items quickly it reverts to ships and people sell ships on accident.

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