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2.09 Bug and Update List
Priority Fixes and Bugs

2.10 Patch Plans

- Ai Rework
- Jump Range
- Put PDC on front of HUD landed
- Change Jump Range to Galactic Exploration
- Add PDC Quest - Get free 100 PDC on quest activation
- Add PDC Quest to go buy any chip receive 1000 PDC
- Fix trading Spread so it cant be gamed
- Fix Guild Invite language
- Adjust Leaderboard
- Some Numbers in Upgrades IE Planetary upgrade cut off price.
- Lower Asteroids Hit points in Gen Zone by 25%, cut jump speed by 100%
- In the description of the tutorial quest "Trading Course 101", the sentence "Buying good on the planet where they are produced at a cheap price, traveling to a planet where they are in high demande", "demande" is    spelled incorrectly
- Some quests are over flowing with text, Example Trade 101, and Sharpen your skills
- Larger Alert on Tutorial Left side
- Move Launcher to Test Server
- Change hanger to picture Mike
- Scroll bar on chat for mouse shouldn't switch shields vice versa
-Fix Box on test server

-Memory leak for the launcher .

Wish List Items
- Better notification for new guild invites.
- Make majority of Sentinel space 1 jump range higher, except for areas that lead directly to vel gates.
- Make Sents slightly stronger
- Adjust payout up slightly on Rin Raiders.
- PDC display on main landed HUD
- Gen Defenders stationed at each Planet.
- Ships in hanger should show stat changes when new modifications are applied. 
- Current Satelite payouts
- A notification to guild leader on sat payout stating $$$ amount.

2.09 Change Log

Priority Fixes and Bugs

-Ship left after disconnecting in a node bugged.
- Some quests requiring you to Kill things, are not behaving properly.
-Memory leak for the launcher .
-Resolution issue
- Some numbers in upgrades IE planetary upgrade seem to cut off part of the price. This is a little more wide spread than just upgrade page.
- Corridor Station and Tacitus station guards current SOS neutrals that should be SOS only evil. - Fixed
- Helios Ships should probably tipped forward slightly to display more depth.
- Players requesting larger and bolder Check email to verify account when account is created.
- Default guild join request message needs to not be fbombs.....
- Guild upgrade screen has one upgrade that is a white square nothing in it.
- Remove title track from game samples Interstellar movie :/
- Ships drop out and produce a None ship place holder that goes away evetually but can't be killed.
- Confirm to sell ship.
Sentinels received a huge buff now... Did you adjust Rin to tone them down a notch?

Not going to lie, jumped 2 hunters with a talos attacker and they popped me in one node, I used to be able to cruise around and slay several Sents without much of a worry. Glad they received a buff, but what sort of % did they receive?

I have came to the conclusion that any ship which Lacks evasion is garbage compared to one which has evasion, despite having inferior hull and shields the fighter of (new ship class) absolutely slays bots because you can't hit it.

Will you be looking at buffing ships which have hull and shields as their asset vs ships which have jump and Eva?

Good work on a quick patch.
The sents are actually supposed to be a harder run than the Rin. They are a few ranks higher. The AI below them are Rin Raidere, Corridor Pirates and Lazeraus.

We are always looking at adjusting stats across the board it's not a easy balanciny act. Will double check on the ship stats next we days, and specific suggestions would be good.

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