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Observed issues since Launch
Just to note a few items.

The Helios graphics are buggy. They used to be chrome/steel/grey and green. Now they appear to be some shapely concrete and doesn't load properly in space.

The Nereid are terribly hard to see on the space background. It may be too rich in colors. While you have taken the liberty of changing designs, I personally loved the lavender motif and large, imperialistic triangle volumes. Now it looks to be overly complex and may hinder performance upon loading models as well.

Boots often Chase and immediately engage you in the next sector, while it's fine, it feels a bit too aggressive.

Silver storm guns have a typo and are 15000 repair instead of 1500.

Asteroids in the neutral zone, specifically in the days/endy area are far and few in between to be actually useful to any extent. Not enough to mine and drops are just "ok' in amount, good enough for a fighter I suppose.

The search player function seems to have been broken. It ised to load a list of pilots, now only AI.

A graphic map indicating areas and zones could be of interest to new players, we often are explaining it to people constantly because the website is very basic and offers little to no resources.

Lastly, and it is an opinion, the game is quite linear for ships when you are first starting out. So many cannot be used or made available to new players. Often, by the time you have the required rank for a ship like the nisus behemoth, you are able to get superior ships for less $$ and rank. This leads to a lack of diversity in gameplay due to just seeing only seeing a select few ships. Maybe some ships need to be unlocked at mid tier ranks or costs / values of ships should be adjusted.

The list of ships in shop do not seem to have an order. At first it appears they are from worst to best, but then the moros and other new class are mixed between without any sort of heirarchy/order.

I am sure I could add more, but that is all for now.

Keep up the good work.

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