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Quality of Life (QoL) Suggestions
Big Grin 
Morning, Afternoon and Evening all!

Firstly, thank you, the release seems to have gone really well and the general reception is good so far in game.

Whilst monitoring in game chat I have noticed a few suggestions that are actually quite good. This brings the birth of QoL thread! We can use this to put suggestions into the game where it makes our lives easier in playing.

Without further ado, here are once’s that have caught the attention the last few days:

- The Chat system needs reworking. This was the main bone of contention throughout the galaxy. The general feel is that it’s too big, clunky and in the way.
- Scroll wheel for shields and chat is frustrating.
- A counter to see how many players are online in game instead of just at the login screen.
- Active clock on the HUD.
- Hull and Shield numerically displayed. Most players use their gun percentage as health bar.
- Different colour Halo’s around ships for: Good, Neutral, Bad, Bots and Bounties, recent PvP player.
- Suggestion that menus at planet need to be reduced and alll accessed within 3 clicks (Suggested by ‘Phaeax’).
- Audio cue for when jump bar is full. (Suggested by ‘XCOM’)
- different colours/ effects for each gun.
- Menu items need borders (Phaeax)
- Engine on the HUD should say Jump.
- Explosions more transparent.
- Keyboard shortcuts for Jump, Shields and Chat (list not exhausted).
- request for the return of the Helio Seeker, no idea why....
- 3D rotate for ships in hanger with added zoom.
- Updated stats of ship when loaded with misc equipment. Eg: new jump speed, new hill or shields.
Yep let's do basically all of it. All great ideas.

On the on planet menu, I was honestly thinking about moving the buttons with all options to the left hand side of the screen. And you can click the main button and it will show say all buttons for the guilds. So every menu is two clicks away.
Not sure if the following has been suggested yet or not, but just a couple things that have popped into my mind while playing:

-When in hangar I would like to see a numerical representation of how many equipment slots on your ship are filled within a category
-- IE: When you have the 'guns' tab selected maybe there could be a simple "3/4 equipped" text just above the list of guns on your currently active ship.
-When in space it would be neat to have scroll bar at the bottom of your guns display or maybe a number on each gun info pane, so you can identify what guns you are looking at on the panel.

-Someone mentioned displaying 'updated' ship stats(as modified by ship equipment), which I think is a great idea, but I would also like to see the upated/modified ship stats displayed along side the base ship stats.
--Like maybe have the base stats listed like they are right now and have a secondary value in a different color next to it.  Something like BaseValue(CurrentValue).  Or a sepration column.  If I were any good at art
   or photoshop then I would make up some example mock-ups.

-I think it would be pretty awesome to have a "ship comparison" tool that will split-screen display the model and stats of two different ships, maybe with the higher/better stats highlighted for each category.

-Another feature that I think could be useful is a set of "quick buy" slots.  You could save a particular setup for a particular ship and then if it blows up you can just 1-click buy and re-equip the ship and all the goodies
  so you could jump right back into space without having to do a bunch of extra clicking and scrolling.

-I might be the only one to mention this or think this is a good idea..  But I prefered the way the original Diaspora handled the map.  You could see the entire map on the jump screen, but the nodes that were
outside/higher than your jump range could reach would be greyed out.

That concludes my little set of ideas/suggestions for now.  I may edit this post in the future to add more as they occur to me.  Who knows.
Quackotron, I really like that idea about a 'rebuy' or 'favourite build' option.

Don't edit the post though, this thread is designed to allow new posts for new ideas that people have, dont want an idea getting lost in an edit!
We need a live list of guildies and or friends list. So we can see people online in our guilds or friends list. To be honest option to right click person add to SoS list might be good too.and remove

oh and we need a name on maps where  we are in the area's lol no way to identityf where we are. even just on the Node/jump made some where would be nice.
My opinion, the guns can just be killed from the HUD all together. They accumulate damage at the same rate as your ship it seems and people are only using it for hull percentage anyway. I see little to no value in having gun damage presented anyway. Everyone repairs in full no matter what.

I miss being able to see my own ship in space in the HUD. A good hull percentage opportunity would be able to incorporate a circle with the image of your current ship in the center. Similar to jump and shields, it reduces in size as your percentage moves on.

Perhaps add a timer to the jump charge bar. It would be the remaining time till your jump is charges based on your current power applied. This should be represented in ..25 second increments possibly. Currently people assume the jump speed is seconds, but a jump speed of 10 means what??? I have no way other than relative playing experience to figure out how fast I can make it. And do all this unnecessary head math based on misc ports available. Just make it a base number and each jump speed increase goes in increments of decimal values of time.

Mentioned in my other post, please fix the Helios ships colors! They are out of whack and apprard solid grey instead of chrome and green.

At the jump screen, please allow for adjustment of the jump/shield powers. Even better, just overlay the map on to the space and not your HUD. Make it look like a map pops up over your cockpit window. Opacity could be set, similar to the chat so we know it is possible.

Custom lists of players/guild members which can be accessed at the jump screen / at the HUD so you can quickly get to their information. For example, an SOS list which at the jump screen sits at the top and you pull down to have a limit of 10 pilots which if you choose their name it will automatically scan them.

The chat box gets in the way of the search player name at the job screen. Obviously depending on the chat box fix make sure it integrated well with other features.

Accessing the market to buy and sell goods should be the same as the hangar, the default screen should be the market and then options. Now I need to click twice to get to the trade screen and its the only option to make money so it seems super lame. If the other features aren't done yet or won't be done for a long time, please consider improving the speed to access the market.

Allow double clicking of goods to salvage. Now we have to click the goods, wait, then click loot. Sometimes I need to move the mouse sometimes not... Funny.

Option for quicker scanning of people, add a right-click Scan option. So when you go to jump, their name is entered already and I don't have to type it out. It is also very nice to have because it is only a matter of time before someone makes a bullshit name like the barcodes and no one can scan them and they run around pking people.

If we have hull and scan blockers we need advanced misc ports to counter these systems. They could also give us additional details on the target selected if they do not have these equipped, such as. Jump Speed, Potential Shield Strength, Hull, Jump Range, Rank, Guild, Money on Hand Money, etc. Having this information, could be very handy in battle or in negotiations.

Speaking of Money-on-Hand. A very interesting concept to INCREASE GUILD BANK USAGE, would be if you are killed while out in space with funds exceeding X amount, then you will lose Y percentage of the amount over X amount. This would incentive people to use the bank becayse if you see someone running around with 15million on them and you PK them and get 20% that's 3million. It also creates another dynamic to the misc ports where you should be buying a Data Blocker which prohibits people who have the Data Scanner from seeing your extra stats and info. But also you can't see past a certain layer of information without the data scanner. It creates more dynamic ship builds as well because now you have some depth to the usage and tactics of how each ship can be used and carried.

Speaking of money on hand. The player stats should calculate your total networth, it should not be able to see your Cash-in-hand. I may have 1 mil on me but 10 mil in the bank and an 8 mil ship. It should see the networth of my pilot.

That's my two cents worth for now!
A lot of great stuff in here, I'm going to go through it all and get back to you.

@Twat Trading is best money, but hunting Ai and mining pays pretty well, and you should be able to double click loot as of now.
With the server downtime it's given me a little opportunity to collect some thoughts and ideas.

Pursuing AI
I like that the AI follows you into another node when you've been attacking them/attacking you. However, when leaving the node, as soon as you jump, the AI (that can jump) are instantaneously in the new node already shooting you immediately. It feels cheap and unfair. Definitely off putting for a new player. Specially one who has just brought a shiny new ship and has one tiny mistake punished by cheating AI - not good for player retention.

Fix idea: Simulated player delay eg: them searching your name and jumping to that node. Depending on the rank of the AI could determine the delay of them following you. Gen raiders taking the longest and therefore most forgiving for new players and scaling henceforth. Then additional half second+ delay before engaging you.

Engaging a player
The original diaspora had an incredibly useful feature of engaging the weapon animations before actually having to fire you weapons. This served as A useful non verbal warning for players doing something they shouldn't (stealing cargo, jumping into a sector and attacking a ship you are) since the chat window is so separate from the HUD this would be incredibly useful and help new players learn Diaspora etiquette without just being killed by other players without explanation.

Fix idea: clicking engage starts the animation, then clicking on the weapons on the left fires your weapons, as well as keeping the double click to immediately initiate combat.

Chat implementation
Is to far removed from the gameplay experience and obstructs view - also have the same or similar information about energy, jump and shields 3x on the cockpit.

Fix idea: Maybe integrated into the HUD display - chat tabs along the top and still have the yellow buttons down the side. Sector chat is almost defunct

Freighters useless?:
They used to be the superior trade ship in the class, now they don't have a place?

Fix idea: Buff cargo OR keep the cargo the same but give them equal fire power to hunter class - the fighting trade ship?

Guild applications:
Not sure how this functions but when you accept them, i'm guessing it sends them a notification they have to accept

Fix idea: when you accept their application they should automatically be put straight into guild

Pressing enter on the login screen to login - think that is self explanatory
Had an idea for Auto Pilot whilst sitting on the throne this morning.

So quite a few people are talking about removing the gun percentages from the left side of the HUD. So with this spare space, or the bottom yellow button on the centre Jc sole that does nothing, why not program in an auto pilot. I’m not talking about macroing a trade route. I’m talking about a minimal, where you can select the node you want to go to next and when your jump drives are full it auto jumps you into that node.
Not really a quality of life thing ( and i don't mean to offend anyone because i don't know if they're a placeholder) but the thumbnails of the ship when you first log into the game for Zeph fighter looks pretty bad, even my gf said "wtf is that" I don't really understand why we have these bad ass 3d renders in the hanger and then the (in the case of zephyr at least) a very simplistic one on the planet home screen. Also, while i'm on a little graphics rant. The thumbnails for the ships aren't congruent with the actual ships - most notably is Hyperion, which are bad ass black with green lights then some metallic purple in reality?

aaaand one more thing. The scale of the ships isn't consistent through the classes and types (not saying it has to be but....) for example the Endy behemoth is massive with 15 evasion and the Hyperion Behemoth is absolutely tiny with 10 evasion and that's before you start comparing them to other ship types and classes. Eg talos and nisus fighter are bigger than the Hyp behe. Nereid fighter, hunter and attacker are so small they can and are frequently mistaken for one of the asteroid skins. The moros behemoth looks like a paving stone and is rather on the small side even in the hanger but it looks awesome with so much detail - seems like a waste.

Most of Talos look swol af, almost over inflated, especially the atty and dessy compared to the other classes

Just something that's been bugging me a bit since launch, maybe just need a slightly more uniform approach to the sizings across the ship types or i'm fussy - hardly game breaking anyway, people just want their ships to look cool!

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