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Update and Game News
Update and Game News : Current Update is packing and will be deployed when done and uploaded. Will let you know prior to the server going down.

Multiple Stats were adjusted for Tier1-3, ie: most tier 1 behos now available by rank 6-8. Prices on some ships dropped, HP on Tier 2-3 reduced on the lower end ships to better align with Tier 1. Other various stat changes, Gen Raiders payout better, almost double (including the very common fighter) adjusted some other Ai. We will have a lot of Ai changes coming up in a few patches.

Other big changes is Chat adjustments, as well as the Butler/Doomer button aka Mute. Smile

Gamma and Brightness controls, Leaderboard changes, and the skin system is deployed ( sets of skins to be added in a week)

Next patch will be massively full of small changes like spelling and grammar errors as well as bugs, after that will be an Ai and Researches patch, then whatever is left. I expect the next patch will come pretty fast as the spelling and minor bugs are very quick to correct. At the same time we have our two new coders, ones working on the graphic updates to some ingame aspects, the other guy is working hard on the new tutorial system.

Getting to where we need, all the major Ai changes by the way have more to do with ship types (IE sentinels will switch to nereid from Nisus) Corridor Pirates will move, in their place will be a Klynn specific zone, we will also be introducing 4 additional Ai zones in the medium to hard range to flush out the map a little including an Ai war zone, throw in the new Klynn Zone and Ai hunting will be pretty nice across all difficulty levels. We like where our XP and money pay outs as well as difficulty is, so we will make minor changes to that but nothing that's going to throw the system out of wack. Expect the Rin to get a little more rewarding, maybe a hair easier, will keep an eye on the Rin Raiders they should be a little easier this patch, if they are still hard for their size will adjust them again. Any questions comments feel free to let us know! Also we still have some Ai factions to name, specifically this new Klynn Zone, the warring Ais in the Zone, and we need names for 2 new star bases.

Smile Thanks for all the great testing and feed back we are getting close on what needs to be done before steam launch thanks for hanging in there folks!


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