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Double Reset + Steam Release
We never intended to have a reset a few months after release, however between some mistakes on our side and some bad luck this is the road we have taken. We decided on doing a few things early on with the stats, ships, and rewards that ended up being a bit of a mess. We believe we have corrected this but not before some serious damage was done in game. A lot of players have walked away both do to some technical issues, but to the sizeable advantages and disadvantages depending on where you came into the game. So we will be doing a full reset in the next week, probably prior to next weekend to test the crap out of the new stats and finish up a few things. You can take a look at the patch schedule pinned along with this post. You will see first on the list in the new installer. This has been a thorn in the side and makes it a pain in the but for people who miss a patch, and even some that don't. It should have been fixed a long time ago and it wasn't. We are taking a much stricter policy on this stuff from here on out and bringing on additional help to get things done faster. 

Any players who put real money into the game will have the PDC returned to their account in full. 

After this weeks reset there will be a period of testing while that list in patch schedule gets finished up. At that time we will set a Steam release date and reset and open early for all non steam players, with steam opening up a day or two later. 

I don't like having to do this reset and take full blame for it, I allowed some aspects to go freely as I worked on my day job, and let design and game flow get out of my hands, and away from my initial vision. This is corrected and we will be staying on top of this. This has been one of my favorite projects to work on the community is a great group of people and this game is a lot of fun. I have been playing it a lot lately and can say we have it dialed in very well right now, and look forward to not only the reset and the chance to prove to the community we are good guardians of the games legacy, but that we can push the game to new expansions, new heights, and a larger community.

Sorry for the reset guys, hopefully you can spend some time and really test things out, will make it up to you all.

do you have dates set in concrete that the server will stop being reset?
We will be performing the first reset Thursday or Friday. The final reset will be just prior to Steam Release which will be after these items get finished, we estimate about 20-30 days as we want to make sure its right. We will give as much notice as possible when we know.
so will this be a complete reset losing everything, but returning all PDC ?

Rin Raider fighters are still too tanky.
All PDC will be returned, the full extent of stat wipe we are still mulling about internally if some researches should stay or not but we are leaning to just a clean wipe and the only thing that stays is owners of the guilds.
righto, so plan is basically get a reset done end of week (17th august ish) then have servers online for roughly 20-30 days
are you hoping to have people testing during this time? (will yourself, mick, and pato be actively playing during this time?)

i personally wont be on much, if at all. the next few weeks/ month are very busy for me at work. and don't really want to take time away from the family for something thatll be reset again.

is there another post on the forums with bullet points of what you're hoping to achieve during these next 4-6weeks? (i haven't checked, but will after i post this)

will there be any other developers brought in during this time to try and speed things along, i think i speak for 99% of the people when i say that the schedule, and updates have been quite messy, and some (or most) have had huge delays, with not much (if any) correspondence from you guys, to the community regarding said delays. some people (snowflakes) basically stopped playing the game waiting for these patches, then either never came back.

i also realise that this game development is a love job, and that you have other commitments, just trying to get a handle on what we will be getting in the future. a few of us came close to bowing out due to the constant delays, then the obvious mistakes of some patches. there is only so many blows one can take before they call it a day.

- We are addressing the developing issue it did take far to long to fix what should have been some pretty quickly patched issues. There was zero excuses for botched patches, we have a test server that works perfectly and it will be used to test anything in the future rather than deployments to the main server. We will be bringing in additional coders so in the event one isn't available another can do the work. We will also be moving all the stats, and variables to the API interface. So basically if we need to adjust a stat, we don't need a code monkey to get in, fix it, package, upload. We just make the change in 20 seconds and reboot the game server and the new stat will take effect.

- Yea post right under this one for the bullet points and patch path.

- Mike will not be playing much hes busy Pato and I will be on a lot.
regarding the jump range research and quest.

the quest is automatically activated. and once my jump range upgrade finished, the quest didnt complete (i didnt check jump distance before research completed, so cannot confirm if anything changed)

after i had completed the rank 2 research upgrade quest, the rank 1 research upgrade quest also was completed. (not sure if this was due to researching something other than jump range?).

providing you're gruoped, or duel logged, once you get to sentinals money and exp to rank 10 are insanely fast. not sure if this is a real issue atm (exp wise, but the money earned is pretty epic, maybe needs to be lowered) as rank 10 and beyond seem to be where the grind is at.

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