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Running Patch Schedule - Notes, Bug Fixes, Changes.
Patch Schedule

1.    Launcher Patch 1 – Goal Never to require player to reinstall from version to version.
a.    Fix version to version control
b.    Mute Button for music.
c.     Add a Worst Case button that automatically deletes old folders and reinstall for player.
d.    Would Like a new button that reads directly from a text file or Api.
e.    Login Menu Allows Tab to Next Box
f.     Login allow Enter as well as hitting OK

2.    Game Restrictions Patch 2
a.    Players should only be able to run one client per computer in a perfect world. Restrict it.

3.    Steam Setup Patch 2
a.    Game Needs to be approved on steam
b.    Game needs to also allow steam wallet

4.    Chat Patch 3
a.    Adjustments to Chat, sent you scribbled on screen shot. -
b.    Allow for Muting of Players
c.     Verify Guild Chat Works

5.    Menu Option Changes Patch 3
a.    Gamma Changes
b.    Brightness Changes
c.     Leaderboard Changes
                                          i.    Only Display Top X
                                         ii.    Only Update Hourly
                                        iii.    Make Searchable Box to Find Player
d. Skin System

6.    Stat Adjustments Patch 3
a.    Satellite Stat Changes
                                          i.    HP
                                         ii.    Damage
                                        iii.    Repair Cost
                                        iv.    Payout
b.    Gen Crusader Changes

7.    Audio Changes Patch 4
a.    When a ship is destroyed play audio of explosion.
b.    When you are destroyed play audio of explosion.

8.    Game Research Changes Patch 4
a.    -New Guild Tech "Empire Building" - See Excel Sheet in Drop Box Limits guilds to how many planets they may occupy based on guild level.

9.    Bug and Error Fixes Patch 4
a.    Nereid Ships In Hanger Need to be re imported
b.    Helios Icons need to be added in hanger
c.     Nereid Icons need to be added in hanger
d.    Hull blocker graphic missing from hanger
e.    Rin Attacker and Destroyer Mesh is reversed.
f.     In Guild Manager “Permission Manager” permission is misspelt
g.    On Server Crash, Script that sends all players to last planet landed at.

10.  New Features Patch 5
a.    Scroll Wheel Toggles Shields/Engines up or down
b.    Ability to right click player and hit track, automatically having them populate into jump window, resets each node.
c.     Jamming Device, when equipped a player must be within 20 connected nodes to show up on map. If player is outside 20 connected nodes, player just shows up as “In Galaxy”
d.    Add Convoy AI, AI consists of Convoy group full of Cargo and In The Future special guns. The Convoy goes back and forth with a heavy escort until killed, when all members of the convoy are killed the respawn timer goes off.
e.    Add Ai group right of LM, may require additional node

11.  Map adjustments Patch 6
a.    Add nodes to Gen Zone to allow AI to move around planets without getting stuck in area.
b.    Add nodes to Vel zone to allow AI to move around planets without getting stuck in area.
c.     Add nodes to neutral zone below Daynow to get rid of single path.
d.    Add nodes below Naykon to get rid of single path.

12. PDC, Chip Changes

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