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1.86-1.87 Patch Notes and Target Goals - Bugs and Requests here
Gen zone is fun !

Dont kill me, but maybe the bots are even too easy? Just a tad...

I just love the new ranking system - gives u something to look for on almost each level. Gonna try Neutral zone next

Fighters payout and exp are way too low, even at level1 i dont care for popping them, and its even worse
they are just all the time in your way when you chase the hunters and up. They just follow you like flies until you are compelled to shoot them and waste your time for a few minutes because they take years to kill. 
So by all means increase they bonus. 

In general - Getting to level 3 is fun and easy which is good, but cash is way too slow
need to increase payouts of everything (and fighters the most) by 50% or something, for the low levels (so that higher ranked cant take advantage of this)
I get ahead with, but dont have the money for upgrades, these should be on par until level 4 i think, when you have to start trading/hauling

Defenders should only shoot real players not bots

Gonna need more attys and dessys on gen for sure - esp in the beginning where theres gonna be a ton of players over gen

Asteroids are the hardest thing to kill so far - They can away to soon, i think they should die faster and jump slower

Neutral Zone
So far tested miners, they seem pretty even. good way to ramp up exp and some cash when hauling. I got from level 3 to level 5 in a decent amount of time. 
Gonna try velic too, not gonna bother with Rin Pirates tho, why are they even there?

Ships and Guns
I took the Nisus fighter for a spin, on paper its better than the Arachne hunter, +5 shields +10 evasion -50 hull. Dueled an Arachne Hunter with same setup as me (all jumps and v1 blasters) and it was a close call - pretty much toe to toe. I think the Nisus should have been the clear winner here, so maybe evasion is not calculated properly?

Also - level 3 guns are all crap. Nothing compares to the level 1 v1 blasters. 
This should be the next things you guys look into IMHO - change them stats so gun upgrades can happen at level 3 and not just level 5.

More stuff - 
Jump Research - I upgraded it, only to find out that it did absolutely nothing, i still have the same range. 
also the pilot research achivement - i activated it before i upgraded range, and it didnt complete, still active..

Sometimes Jump button is not responding - have to work around that by clicking the yellow buttons on the hud (tried clicking on the chat or alt+tab it didnt work)
The problem i reported with the launcher on discord - it was my bad, all good with the new launcher so far
any way to speed up the download? its definitely not maximizing my bandwith, reached about 2-3mbp/s
Great Feed back, not sure why your jump range wasn't working, if you were able to get farther on the map it should be?

Adding things to the pinned post top of the forum on the patch schedule.
No I’ve noticed it as well. Your first jump research doesn’t actually give you any new nodes. It stays the same as before. Not sure if we have too many nodes to begin with or that that level is bugged. (Think it’s the former).
All great feed back will compile
Toss us some screenies of ships you think look off.
Standby for a rather large list... apologies.

Planet Menu

  • Still not sure why guns are the same size as ships when you select them? (Scaling)
  • You can sell a deck when your not at your home planet, leaving you shipless.
  • I previously mentioned the scaling of the ships, you can see this best in the hanger.  No matter what ship you select they all seem of a relative size.  Im pretty sure that they should progressively get bigger, maybe a 40% decrease in Fighters, 30% decrease in Hunters, 20% decrease in Attackers and 10% decrease in Destroyers leaving Behemoths the biggest.
  • When you sell a gun/misc port your selection auto adjusts to your ship, I've sold 2 ships accidentally when spamming sell, all other options (buy or equip) remains on the same item/inventory.
  • If you use the arrows on the ship select screen on a class, and swap classes they no longer work.
  • Nissus Attacker and Freighter skins need swapping (I think, poor memory on that one..).
  • Talos Attacker and Talos Destroyer skins need swapping around.
  • Nereid small icon graphic (cartoony type one) are of Nissus class ships.
  • Maybe put spaces or commas between figures to make it easier on the eye.  Im not stupid, but I have to count how many digits to work out how much things are. For example 4 500 000 or 4,500,000 instead of 4500000.
  • Maybe a 360degree optional button so you can see the entirety of the ship?
  • Auto zoom? Maybe this is the issue with scaling.  Instead of scaling each ship maybe the camera needs to pan in or out depending on which ship you are looking out.
  • Helios cartoon miniature graphics are the Nissus class ones.
  • As well as hangers 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5, 6 across the top, you could also have a list of ships in you inventory down the right hand side.  So when first entering the hanger, as you would see with a list of guns and misc pods, you could also see the 6 ships you have.

    Notification Center:
  • Personal items cannot be deleted.  Well they can but as soon as you log off and login again they return.
  • The 'Personal:' and 'Guild:' do not line up with 'System:'.
  • How do I  send out a guild notification?

  • Is there any need for a 'Fame' column?
  • Remove fame column would put the leaderboard in one page instead o having to scroll right.

    Guild Control:
  • You can change the rank names in Management Structure (which is spelt wrong) but it doesn't reflect on the Rank Name under Permission Manager (which is also spelt wrong).
  • Not sure why Warrior and Dogface are at the same level?

    Manage Guild Finances:
  • This should be where the input for putting money into your guild instead of remaining under 'Create a Guild'.

  • I like this concept, however a small reward for achieving the achievement would make players want to 100% this aspect.

  • Mentioned before about wording, instead of 25 thousand, should be 25 000 or 25,000.  Not a mixture.
  • You should be allowed to activate more than 1 quest at a time, maybe this could be a research avenue?
  • Each quest should have a short description on how to actually complete the quest, this does not have to include everyday of completing it but a simple way.
  • 'Active' and 'DEACTIVATE' should be the same, either both capitals or both capitalised.

  • Is it Research or Upgrades? Only saying this as the top level it calls in 'Research' and when you enter it everything is an 'Upgrade'.
  • I think the graphic needs re doing on this, and there should be an option to see all of the research (as in how many levels each on has, its time limit, and how much each costs).
  • Maybe a pause option so you can pause the current research to then quickly do another.  Once complete you can go back to and continue the previous research where you left off.
  • Queue system.  I for one know there will be points throughout the game that I will be away form playing it for a while, so to be able to queue up a few research to stack would be great.  Saves wasting time and makes things more inviting and efficient.

    Purchase Centre (spelt correctly...):
  • It should be 'Purchase History' instead of 'Purchase Historic', same for 'Exchange Historic'.

    Planet Info:
  • You have 'Research Info' and 'Upgrade Info' at the top when it does not actually correlate to anything.

  • Bring back the Bar!
  • The Chat symbol/icon should disappear when landing and all chat at planet should be at the bar.
  • Did I mention this, but bring back the Bar...

  • Would just like to say this is a massive improvement to how it was 8/9 months ago when I was testing. Kudos there!
  • Guessing the black squares are meant to be images of the actual trade item?

  • This needs to be its own independent screen instead of a transparency. Makes this look shabby I'm my opinion.

    General Graphics at Planet:
  • I think everything is far too bright.  I can barely read any of the white text if it doesn't have its own supporting background.

    Player Name:
  • Ha, well this one is unusual.  In space you see the players name exactly how they typed it in when they registered.  However, in chat, and at home screen on planet, there name is no longer capitalised and is all lower case, for example, Thomo (in space) and thomo in chat, or, MerIin in space, and meriin in chat and on the planet home screen.

I think this is long enough for the minute, and I'm gunna go have a smoke and crack on with the lore, however, unfortunately for you guys I will be back with piloting lists of bugs, editing and suggestions.

Hope this helps!

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