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1.86-1.87 Patch Notes and Target Goals - Bugs and Requests here
1.86 Changes

- Full Stat Changes for ALL ships
- Reward Adjustments for all AI
- Ship Mod Equipment adjusted.
- Ability to Change Guild Titles

- When Entering Hanger, no animation, Keep animation for switching Decks
- In Hanger When Equipping, Auto Select next item to allow fast equipping
- Gen Defenders only patrol between planets
- Once a planet is purchased, only guild members should be able to see Satellite defense information under planet info.
- Nereid hard to see, maybe increase size, or brightness.
- Talos Moth and Nisus Moth to big, cant see hull bar
- Add confirm option for cancelling researches

Future Targets

- Ranks Need to be adjusted for players based on new system.

- Tweak up gun stats
- Tweak up Ai damage taken
- Tweak down Ai Damage dealt
- Adjust Heli Fighter, its god.
- Adjust Talos Carrier, but not as god as the talos carrier, fat fingered the stats on that.
- Adjust all trade numbers in neutral zone (Lows and Highs) 20+ across the board. Players were finding mined asteroids might only pay 1-5 per resource. My bad.


-New Guild Tech "Empire Building" - See Excel Sheet in Drop Box Limits guilds to how many planets they may occupy based on guild level.

New Features
- Scroll wheel raises and lowers shields/engine toggle.
- Right Click on player, add "Track" which will add their name to the Jump screen.
- Jettision Cargo in Space
- On right click menu when click on player, "Add To Scanner" to auto add them to player scanner on jump menu
- Ability to Mute a player

GUI Changes

- Adjustments to Chat, sent you scribbled on screen shot. -

- Change Chat Defaults to picture shown, guild chat still randomly stops working makes player exit and go back it to start working again. 

- Gamma Control

-Brightness Control

- Explosion sound when you destroy another ship, or are destroyed.

- Mute Music Option for Launcher

- News Display for Launcher

Ai Changes
- Miners should not chase asteroids
- Add Convoys

Satellite Changes
- Adjusted Sat Stats

- Nereid looks like hell in hanger maybe need to reskin that crap
- Multiple ships need to be cleaned up and reimported for space and hanger, Neri, Heli, Hyperion

Equipment Mods
- Adding Jamming device Mod that hides a players location to anyone 10 nodes

Menu Changes
- Login Menu allow Tab to next input box
- Login Menu allow Enter instead of just hitting OK

- Hull Blocker Missing Menu Graphic
-- Few things are flipped upside down and sideways XD
- Guild Control Manager, "Permition Manager" Should be Permission Manager
- Rin Attacker and Destroyer models reversed
- Helios, Nereid need proper hanger Icons

General Game Change
- On Server crash, script to send all players to planets on restart of server.
- Gun Stats need to be adjusted up in most cases
- Heli Fighter is weird... Hard to kill....
- Launcher needs to be fixed once and for all to prevent stupid delete and reinstall.
- Uninstaller Needs to be added to make above easier if crap doesn't work
Rin Talos Attacker Graphics and Rin Talos Destroyer Graphics are backwards
talos carrier still has 1800 shields

bots are swarming to aggressively - maybe once population is higher this will be OK, but atm it's out of control.

when you enter your hanger and change ships, your current quest gets deactivated (really sad when you're closing out a mining 7 quest)

possible future thoughts:

home planets should not be available anywhere in the galaxy. should be kept in gen or vel. perhaps you can setup a TEMP camp site at planets you have a sat on.

manual sat repairs placed on a timer (3-5mins) or have repair costs increase each time it is auto repaired.

if nothing will be done to this OP ingame scanning, than if the scanner tech is so advanced, maybe you should be able to tell if a pilot has LANDED on planet, or is in planets orbit (LAUNCHED)

*maybe have scanning on the tech upgrade tree*

possibly have the ability to turn on an ANONYMOUS feature to hide you from leaderboards. or limit the leaderboard to TOP 10 characters.

change the scanner do it doesn't AUTOFILL any (ALL) account names just by pressing 1 letter.
- Talos Carrier Fixed
- That's an odd one on the quests, will add to the list
- bots bots bots fucking bots..... let me chat with mike about this and get back to you on it, I know we need to do something about the zerg

Home Planets stuck in Vel or Gen why specifically versus neutral zone?

-Manual and Auto Repairs will end up costing more, and the timer will be adjusted on the length. We need to adjust several things on sat stats.

- In Game Scanning we are going to adjust in a few ways, the end result will be that you can either buy a pod to hide your exact location, and that by default the player has to be within X of you to know your exact location. IE im looking for you, your 25 nodes away, I scan for you, it says yes the dudes online but out of range, I get within 19 nodes of you scan, and it says yes dudes online and hes right here.

- No anonymous on the leaderboards besides admins and mods, however I have asked for it to only update every hour. Do you feel like that would be a good middle ground?

- You want the auto fill option turned off totally?
Yes i would like autofill turned off

When you pk someone in kaydin, or in a nz sat they should be sent packing back to gen or vel, not just respawm back in kay zone or at the sat to just be able to keep repairing it.

Whats the point in having every single player on the leaderboard ? It inhibits the art of infiltration.

Still have a search pilot function, maybe add in amy guild or alliance info in it. Just not have it conpletely open for anyone to get complete account info withoit doing any work.
- Guild List displays wrong leader from time to time still
● When engaging an enemy, you pre click on the next enemy, the previous enemy goes bang and you lose the new bots name/hull/information.  You have to click into space first then click again on the bot to see its information.

● Trophy Language. For example ‘250 thousand…’, when it should just be either 250 000 or 250,000. Use full digits instead of a mix of words and digits.

● When you jump into a node whilst being shot at you carry some red lasers into the new node with you.

● Miners do not engage asteroids, if I remember rightly they used to?

● Issue you with quests, started mining 1, looted 38 Ty from asteroids but then when completed a different quest it voided the mining quest. Found out this was due to logging off, it removes any quest data that was previously completed.

● Maybe slow down the rate asteroids jump in the gen zone to give a helping hand to new players.

● On the Ship HUD there should be an option (maybe in the main options) to change what you see at the bottom. Options being total exp, instead of rank exp or any other useful information.

● In the create a guild screen there isn't enough room for the digits to show clearing in ‘Send Money’ and ‘Total Cost’ boxes.

● No images of trade items (believe this was mentioned way back but might of been lost in the endless lists).

● Managed to easily kill a Nereid Moth in a Nisus Fighter with 4 x MK1s. on the lower level ships the new stats work, but maybe adjustments need to be made on each AI guild instead of across the board.

● Skin Graphics of Nereid class in hanger doesn't fully load. It's like a shiny Pokemon card version.
● Quest should be done in type tiers, so if one person wants to focus on let say mining, then he can move on up that branch before potentially finishing a pirate quests.

● Finishing a quest branch should give youa notable benefit, using the above branch, mining, at the end of the quest you should be able to get +10% damage to asteroids as an example. Gives a player more reason to do quests. Or it opens up an avenue of mining lasers.

● In quests when stating what players need to do, especially mining, instead of just using the full name also use the abbreviation in brackets.

● An explanation on how to complete the quest. I have no idea how to raise the credit on the market by 2000… potentially if it's the first quest in that branch then provide a tutorial.
I still think the scaling of the ships is way off. Fighters look like the same size if not bigger than hunters. Attackers and Destroyers look tiny in comparison to the lesser ships. Carriers and Freighters look bigger than Behemoths.

Also with this the feel the halo around targeted ships/asteroids is still too thick (maybe less bright or even different colour?). I believe it destroys and ruins the graphic of the ship in space.

I can provide screenshots if needed.

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