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1.82/1.83 Change Log and Future Targets

- Fixed Multiple Guild Issues
- Fixed Satellite bug that would cause the server to crash
- Fixed PFing bug that would cause a player to take damage when no player was in node. All tests failed to produce it, if you get it to work and can show us proof you get 5mill in game.
- If you CAD your screwed.
- All player actions are logged.
- Fixed Ship Rotation ( still a few to fix)
- Fixed Sat rank 10 not appearing.
- Fixed Guild issue where players would appear in the wrong guild after a bad server crash, we think this is fixed please let us know ASAP if that's not the case.
- New Stats added to all ships
- New ships released

Below are our targets, you will notice the ones in Red. These will be done prior to steam launch. We had a rough time with this last patch there were some deep things that took time to fix sorry about that. Mike is also ramping up for baby number 2 Smile so hes been a little occupied. 


-New Guild Tech "Empire Building - See Excel Sheet in Drop Box

New Features
- Scroll wheel raises and lowers shields/engine toggle.
- Ability to Change Guild Titles
- Right Click on player, add "Track" which will add their name to the Jump screen.
- Jettision Cargo in Space
- On right click menu when click on player, "Add To Scanner" to auto add them to player scanner on jump menu
- Ability to Mute a player

GUI Changes
- When Entering Hanger, no animation, Keep animation for switching Decks

- In Hanger When Equipping, Auto Select next item to allow fast equipping

- Adjustments to Chat, sent you scribbled on screen shot. -

- Change Chat Defaults to picture shown, guild chat still randomly stops working makes player exit and go back it to start working again. 

- Gamma Control

-Brightness Control

- Mute Music Option for Launcher

- News Display for Launcher

Ai Changes
- Miners should not chase asteroids
- Add Convoys
- Gen Defenders only patrol between planets

Satellite Changes
- Once a planet is purchased, only guild members should be able to see Satellite defense information under planet info.

- Nereid hard to see, maybe increase size, or brightness.

- Talos Moth and Nisus Moth to big, cant see hull bar

Equipment Mods
- Adding Jamming device Mod that hides a players location to anyone 10 nodes

Menu Changes
- Add confirm option for cancelling researches
- Login Menu allow Tab to next input box
- Login Menu allow Enter instead of just hitting OK

- Hull Blocker Missing Menu Graphic
-- Few things are flipped upside down and sideways XD
- Guild Control Manager, "Permition Manager" Should be Permission Manager

General Game Change
- On Server crash, script to send all players to planets on restart of server.
- Hull Bars Missing from some Ai
- Endymion not shorthand Endy
- No Talos freighter in talos ships category
(07-17-2018, 10:25 PM)StarReaper Wrote: - Hull Bars Missing from some Ai * ALL targets *
- Endymion not shorthand Endy
- No Talos freighter in talos ships category

-Order of ranked modules not precise.
-No rank 7 guns(Also see other guns/need correction)
-Players still stuck on login screen, cannot update, or have fatal errors.***** Update Video Card Driver to Fix Fatal Error.
Neried, and Helios Icons wrong
Neried looks like bloob and hanger, anyone else see this?

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