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Player Conduct - Also Looking for Moderators!
Anyone caught abusing game mechanics or glitches, public or not will have their accounts reset to 0. The log literally logs every action you do in game. If its not meant to work a certain way in game and you do it anyway you are at risk.

Anyone who loses their mind in game and is verbally abusive beyond what we or the mod in game determines as reasonable will be temp or perma banned on that account. Players who are being racist, or targeting players based on their ability to use English or country of origin will be considered toxic and removed. A few additional notes
- Unattended botting will get your account penalized and or banned.
- CADing to purposely avoid a player to player death is frowned and we penalize it if we can prove it. It isn’t easy, but take your deaths like a man.
- Any form of using a glitch to make money or XP will get you and any account you relate to reset. Do remember this when account sharing. We don’t care if you share accounts, but you do so at your own risk.
- Running more than -------------------> 2 <------------------------------ characters in game at once will get you penalized. Not two per IP, not two per MAC 2. If you got a large family or a LAN party hit us up, we are fine with that will make a note on your account. You can have as many alts as you want, you may ONLY have 2 characters in game at once. Yes, there’s ways around the hard sets we add in game, but if we catch you, it’s your accounts that will be gone. We’re not dumb and we all have years of gaming experience, we know what to look for.
All penalties will be decided on case by case basis, as a default rule the account committing the violation will result in a suspension on that account, and we will drain the DC of that account basically to zero. Any stored ships in the hanger are sold for scrap and that money is transferred to an admin account.
Two very simple things to keep in mind, don’t cheat, and socially do not be so toxic we have to consider removing you from the game.
All these rules are effective immediately.
Come across a cheat or exploit? Help us fix it and get paid in game DC or PDC and other goodies. We want a fair and friendly game!

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