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Player Conduct - Also Looking for Moderators!
[Image: 22729131_1583592258329637_24423251426675...e=5BD7978E]

Player Conduct - Also Looking for Moderators!

Alrighty so for a bunch of grown ups several of you just don't shut it Smile So we are looking for a few moderators, you will not be given official moderator tags or anything like that so you wont be able to be targeted in game unless you tell everyone. Your job is simple you document bad behavior toss in a few screen shots when people go over board, and we go ahead and ban them for X amount of time, or we give them a comms ban. So if your interested PM me.

For the rest of you Smile I don't mind a little smack talking but anyone flooding general chat in either the game, forum, facebook or discord you will get a game ban. That's right im going to ban you ingame for discord or facebook garbage. People are getting completely rude and its turning a few players off. So step out of line take it to an unhealthy level you and any additional characters you own will be locked.

For the players gleefully reporting bad behavior and exploits, we will take action where warranted and under our own discretion. We will not be updating you on what we do and don't do per specific player. So if you send something to me or another team member on facebook and or discord and you then proceed to badger me over and over Smile you will find yourself muted.

We will start with 24 hour bans for first time offenders, repeat offenders will have their character in game lose their ability to chat in game for 30 days at a time. You have all been warned.


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