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  • 5 Admin and User Bug and Improvement List
This thread is to help with the interface API and allow for better customer and staff experience.

Admin Side 
- Ticket System - Remove Details and Interact. 
- Ticket System - All Communications should be in a running chat log, not over writing what was previously said.
- Ticket System - Should Email Support Email Addresses, notifying Team they have a ticket.
- Ticket System - When Admin Replies it should email Player and let them know they have a ticket.
- Ticket System - Time and dates are weird show up as 1900s by default. Default to todays date, and American Format Tongue

- Admin Dashboard - Remove Client Version nonsense
- Admin Dashboard - Remove - App Version nonsense
- Admin Dashboard - Users online lags behind actual users online by a lot
- Admin Dashboard - Display Users IP and Mac address after Username and Email Address.

Client Side

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