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1.78 Bug List / 1.79 Target List
- Add    -New Guild Tech "Empire Building - See Excel Sheet in Drop Box
Ai Changes
- Fix Skins for Talos attackers and destroyers - Rin
- Pirates should only attack players with cargo full

New Features
- Scroll wheel raises and lowers shields/engine toggle.
- Ability to Change Guild Titles
- Jettision Cargo in Space
- On right click menu when click on player, "Add To Scanner" to auto add them to player scanner on jump menu
- Ability to Mute a player

GUI Changes
- When Entering Hanger, no animation, Keep animation for switching Decks
- In Hanger When Equipping, Auto Select next item to allow fast equipping
- Adjustments to Chat, sent you scribbled on screen shot. -
- Change Chat Defaults to picture shown, guild chat still randomly stops working makes player exit and go back it to start working again.

Ship Additions
- Helios, Neried, Talos, Moros, Hyperion,  Endymion, added to hanger.

Ai Changes
- Kaydin should attack everyone.
- Miners should not chase asteroids
- Add Convoys
- Gen Defenders only patrol between planets

- Nereid hard to see, maybe increase size, or brightness.
- Talos Moth and Nisus Moth to big, cant see hull bar

Ship Stat Changes
Adjust stats across the board.

Trade Prices
- Lower lowest price by 5, raise highest price by 10 all planets
- Sync All trade clocks to same timer, no more random trade timers.

- Adjust from 5% cost of ship to 2%

Menu Changes
- Enable Gamma Settings
- Add confirm option for cancelling researches

Special Requests

- If safe switch Dooms Day to DoomsDay in guilds

Additonal Ai and Reward Changes
Reward for killing Ai 4.5% to 6%
Reward for Killing player 3% to 5%
- Set Rin Mod to 25% from 20%
- Set Klynn to 35% from 30%
- Set Raiders to 65% from 50%
- Adjust from 5% cost of ship to 4%

- Login error still exists - Login with starreaper - ingame shows starreaper - Login with StarReaper - game shows StarReaper
- Game boots all players randomly but at once when saving.
- Doesn't seem that researches are properly effecting payout of satellites.
- Satellities do not go in the Gen zone

General Game Change

- On Server crash, script to send all players to planets on restart of server.

- If player disconnects from server while in space, leave them in space for 3 seconds to prevent intention CADing @Looking at Shrapnel
- Adjustments to Chat, sent you scribbled on screen shot.
- Endy Station Tax Research glitched at rank 5. Can't upgrade any further, shows 00 for price and 00 for time, upgrade button greyed out. But have rank 6 for other researches.

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