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1.77 / 1.78 Release Notes
1.77 Release notes

- Modify -Pilot Fast Reflex 1-9 Updated - Speed
- Modify -Pilot Research  fast reflexes, aggressive nature, and on guard updated % amount reward higher
- Modify -Jump Range

Ai Changes - 1.77

- EDS spawn rates - Glitching sometimes spawn 1-2-3-4 times right after another soon as bot is killed. IE killed Endy Beho, and it respawned instantly to die again.
- EDS lower damage modifier to take less damage from player
- EDS should no go to endy station node.
- All AI (except Gen raiders) don't go to planet nodes.
- Multiple AI bug fix

Guild Changes - 1.77
- When viewing a guild summary, should displayer the current guild leaders
- bug fix - Players got kick out from the Guild each server reboot
- Chat bug fix

Premium Changes - 1.77
- When Running Premium Monthly, cargo space on ship allows more to be held, but doesn't show it with a greater amount.
- Premium XP production needs to be rounded up

Character/Login 1.77
- Adjust the Connecting to Server, to say "Connecting To Server, and Loading Assets and Game Files"
- Odd login bug with names If i type my username as starreaper , it displays in game as starreaper, if i type it StarReaper it displays as StarReaper, login shouldn't be case sensitive, but should always display in game as
- Allow User To Tab From Login to Password Box

New Features 1.77
- Double Click on Player to engage
- Double Click to Land on the planet and gates
- Double Click in space to stop engaging

GUI Changes 1.77
- In Hanger Please make buttons solid color, not translucent
- In Main Menus reduce translucent to non trans or barely
- When no ship purchased, main HUD should not display place holder graphic with R2-D2 ship.
- all the search for name mouse over bug fix

Combat Mechanics 1.77
- When engaged, and you want to switch targets - Click on other target and double click OR hit engage once, and it switches to new target.
- Bug fix selecting a friendly ship while engaging a enemy ship would lock you engage.

Asteroid 1.77
- Asteroid XP reward increase by 10x

Quest 1.77
- Quest XP reward increase by 10x

- Bug - Cant always see sat shooting at you.
- Bug - Can land on planet that you are attacking its satellite
- Bug - Sats damage increase 15hp per s with level multiplayer

Pilot 1.77
- XP limit remove to rank 9

Steam Version 1.0.0
with Respect PatoBravo

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