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Needs Attention
The nereid carrier bot of the Miners is named none, and along with many other bots after doing a search.

Anyone feel free to add things that need fixing here, bugs/errors in-game.
Market> Guns are out of order rank wise.

Klyn as i've heard you may be aware are way to lethal seemingly.
I think both of these are fixed. The Klynn got SilverStorm2s :/ after a weird glitch.
All the sentinels are glitched in one node seemingly, I went to go visit Dysilica today, I took the far left path.. I jumped 2 down the left side, and there was the most ships I've ever seen in one node, and popped within 2 seconds. I think all the Sentinels are or were glitched there, as the other paths down were safe and empty to travel down.
Will look at it asap.
If kaydin don't shoot at -100+ players, it allows anyone to fly down there freely, eliminating any challenge of getting to Kaydin area or planets. As well as going through their space freely.
They should shoot everyone
Not currently the case, Yuki was able to fly down to RB un-shot, where i had to strategically jump node to node, scanning, and died 3x to get there.
The accepting of guild applications does not currently work. Also inviting people to guild works 1/2 the time, often have to re-invite a second or third time before they can accept and join.
As well as the taxes not having any value or meaning currently not working it seems.
So listed fixes in the update notes.

Guild chat is not fixed, still bugs up and stops responding.

Quest Exp increased 10x. *How does this help those of us who have completed 15+ quests already? No retro pay for what's already been done.

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