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Ideas Post
short term - guild message to all online players when sats get shot

long term - sats page that shows status (like the one on pdias)
guild exp and rewards like the old dias, guild accumulates exp when guild members kill bots, and every few hundres of exp new options unlock to add higher rewards on bot kills, defence/offence against bots etc. every PC guild drops 2 exp, sat gives 1 or 2 exp, etc... i can spell it out further if needed unless ur not clear on how it works
Currently Ai payout on a dead bot is pretty good, a guild can choose to up the payout on bots based on their guild bank, im not sure that the game should pay out better on bot hunting. I feel like it is now that hunting is far superior to trading most of the time and that's not the way it should be. I would expect a shift in the future where bot payouts go down a little and trading goes up a little more. As far as the guild accumulating XP that it can put towards cool stuff im all for that.
makes sense on the hunting vs trading
just need to make sure not to nerf hunting payouts too much - way i see it, payouts from hunting should be enough for you to get buy, but if you want to ramp up your bank for a new ship you will have to trade some
except for early game tho - this should be purely hunting

about what i said regarding bot payouts - i didn't mean the game payout i meant the guild. i guess it works a bit different in orig diaspora because only payout for bots was guild. anyway guild exp and increased benefits stemming from guild exp is a cool mechanics
So currently you can create compitions to payout from the guild so you can use that.

As far as guild levels and xp what all do you think could be done with that?
Tab on Keyboard - To Cycle last 5(or so) things typed in chat, or Shift+Up.

Right Click to Close/Minimize chat back to small size.
In pdias it gives +12% offence defence vs AI (scales slowly to that)
Gives higher drop chance
And higher payouts

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