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Quick Fix Update for Rin, and Major Patch Plans
Updates - Will adjust Rin further down shortly they are to powerful atm. That will hopefully be done in the next 12 hours. The larger patch will come towards the end of the week. Some of the new features and mechanics may or may not be ready by then, if they are not they will be added right after.

- Modify -Pilot Range Increase 1-9 Updated - Speed
- Modify -Pilot Research  fast reflexes, aggressive nature, and on guard updated % amount reward higher
- Modify -Guild Research - Basic Recruitment - Price change
- Add    -New Guild Tech "Empire Building - See Excel Sheet in Drop Box
Ai Changes
- Equip Rin - Fighters and Hunters with K14s
- Equip Rin - Attackers, Destroyers with V1
- Equip Rin - Behos- V1
- Change Behavior   - Klynn to not attack players unless attacked
- Add Ai Pirates - See Map and Excel AI doc, dropbox
- Add Ai Miners  - Same Nodes as Asteroids and Excel AI doc, dropbox
- Add Ai EDSF - Endymion Station Defense Forces
- Add Ai Sentinels Excel Ai Doc and Map
- Move Rin See Map and Ai Doc
- Add Ai - Rin Scout Force - Map and AI
- Restrict Gen Crusaders, See Map
- Restrict Gen Defenders See Map
- Klynn Raise Rank by 1 Level
- Fix Skins for Talos Attacker, and Destroyers
- Militia should pay out rewards
- Add Trade Convoy

Guild Changes
- When viewing a guild summary, should displayer the current guild leaders
Ship Stat Changes
All Ships should receive a 40-50% increase in Hit Points
Premium Changes
- When Running Premium Monthly, cargo space on ship allows more to be held, but doesn't show it with a greater amount.
- Premium XP production needs to be rounded up
- Odd login bug with names If i type my username as starreaper , it displays in game as starreaper, if i type it StarReaper it displays as StarReaper, login shouldn't be case sensitive, but should always display in game as
- Adjust the Connecting to Server, to say "Connecting To Server, and Loading Assets and Game Files"
- Allow User To Tab From Login to Password Box
New Features
- Jettison cargo button in space
- Double Click on Player to engage
- Scroll Wheel to toggle shields up and down
- On right click menu when click on player, "Add To Scanner" to auto add them to player scanner on jump menu
GUI Changes
- In Hanger Please make buttons solid color, not translucent
- In Main Menus reduce translucent to non trans or barely
- When Entering Hanger, no animation, Keep animation for switching Decks
- In Hanger When Equipping, Auto Select next item to allow fast equipping
Combat Mechanics
- When engaged, and you want to switch targets - Click on other target and double click OR hit engage once, and it switches to new target.

AI Map Layout rough draft -
Cool,  Looks excellent mate!

Can't wait for the changes!
Looking forward to the new bots.
Seems like a major update with a lot of stuff from the feedbacks, thanks!
Looking forward to the changes.

Anyway you said in chat you want more ship variety in different zone for different things. That is easily done with adding "tags" to the class ships.

Example: Rin may have weakness to Nisus class and said class may be doing more damage to them. How do you adjust things is up to you but if you want different ships for different activity in-game that may be the solution. You will still be able to hunt Rins with Arachne or other class ships but Nisus will be more enjoyable and feel natural. Just a thought.

Literally went through all the feed back, if I missed any please post it and we can go over it and add it to the list where it makes sense. We want to make sure you guys have fun number 1.
please make some changes to gen raider too. they are too strong
Tabbing between Username and Password already seems to work. The problem atm is that if you hit enter after typing them in it won't login. You have to manually click Log In.
(05-28-2018, 11:30 PM)StarReaper Wrote: Literally went through all the feed back, if I missed any please post it and we can go over it and add it to the list where it makes sense. We want to make sure you guys have fun number 1.

As I wrote - really welcome changes and fixes. 
I summarised some of my notes that were not addressed - so you can have them on your backlog or something:

In addition to the balancing effort taking place right now, towards the steam launch I think we should think a bit more about new players experience - they don't know diaspora and might have a hard time:
- Consider adding some help/tutoring - there needs to be a lot of explanations along the way either in game or in the site. Tooltips, popups with instructions, new comers walkthrough etc..
Quests need to be more rewarding
-- would also appreciate some in game tooltips/infos about the guild upgrades, not all of them are straight forward
As said many times, going through the first stages can't be about the farming - it needs to be about learning the game mechanics.

Searching players:
LRU/MRU - Its helpful to cycle through recent searches, either with keyboard arrows or something else..
hovering with the mouse on the auto complete messes up the typing - you constantly have to move the cursor away in order to type, it drives me nuts
after pressing enter you cant delete and search again - the textbox loses focus so you have to click the mouse on the text box and reslect 

Will we ever display the number of launched players in the zone?

Chat - 
I saw some posts mention this as well - The floating popup is a nice concept but its not working out for me. It takes too much space from the node view, abstracting ships or menu items (for instance sell all cargo). I don't have a good idea how to fix it but saw one good suggestion on the forums (with that screenshot and annotations). 

Hud - 
guns view on the HUD on the bottom left doesnt seem to be very helpful, esp when you got >2 guns right? you have to click through all your 9-12 guns.... maybe a more compact view to show all like in pDiaspora?

can you please add a "remaining time" label there that counts down? I dont want to calculate how much is 31% left of 16 hours

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