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Broken. Near Unplayable. Not what we supported.
Repair costs are quite interesting.... after this mornings patch.

Arach behe fighting a Rin Fighter 1:1, I end up with a 3k bounty but my reps cost 7k. So I end up losing money. Played for an hour, and I was losing money, by hugging the planet in my behe, thats with max 10x shields with a premium bonus... ended up with minus 300 or 400k cash...

I literally cannot go anywhere and stuck at JC or else I'd get popped on my way out of the zone. And since i'm now max shield, ship is as slow as it can get, which is fine.

Maybe look at adjusting the repair costs, can't afford to be paying 300k to repair my hull everytime it hits 25%.

May be better once you guys release other class ships ...
Ive got a plan on the Rin, let me finish writing it all up and I will post the purposed changes. I agree Yuki I have admin unlimited cash I had to have someone take a picture of another zone as I literally could get there
btw my plan will take a few days to implement and refine before we can deploy, so im going to lower the rins guns again today as a stop gap
Some of us have spent the long hours of researched and used PDC to get the research where we are, to have access to the jumps we do. If you correct this at all, we get screwed out of our hours of research on it and the PDC we used to get there. ** In terms of the research to 4-5 hours comment **
Yea I've gotta agree with Vyndrae. I was finally able to buy a Zephyr Hunter, and was popped almost immediately because I jumped to a node in the Gen Zone where 4-5 bots were sitting, like they were waiting for me. Gotta say it made me rage quit.
The gen raiders are not hard just a lot of them for amount of people playing will lower the number.
(06-06-2018, 07:49 AM)StarReaper Wrote: The gen raiders are not hard just a lot of them for amount of people playing will lower the number.

I agree they aren't hard, atleast the fighters and hunters, aren't. I can't solo an atty, but unfortunately there isn't much I could do against the collective of them.
Yea they swarm Smile will adjust it we're working on a dynamic solution so we can turn their numbers up or down based on amount of players in the zone.

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