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1.72 Running Change and Bug List + Suggestions
- When Running Premium Monthly, cargo space on ship allows more to be held, but doesnt show it with a greater amount.

- Razor Rays add them - We need to find stats for these
- Gen Raiders should attack all neutral and good players by default
- Gen Raiders don't help each other in same node.
- Gen Raiders should respawn faster +10%
- Need more Gen Raider "fighters" class ships add 5 more fighters
- Klynn respawn faster
- Klynn fighter and hunter numbers need to be increased - add 5 more fighters, add 2 more hunters
- Militia don't engage Klynn attacking a player
- Double check that militia will target an aggressive player
- Premium XP production needs to be rounded up.
- Attackers-Destroyers-Behemoth AI need to be a little stronger - probably just better guns
- Rin don't attack neutral / good players by default, they should be set to aggressive
- Rin need better guns
- Premium prizes in chat box don't reflect actual bonus.
- Illuminate upgrades currently under research
- Double check rewards for Kaydin, and Guns for Kaydin
- Lower Rin Reward from 10% to 5%
- Rin and Klynn should attack each other
- Jettison cargo
- Odd login bug with names If i type my username as starreaper , it displays in game as starreaper, if i type it StarReaper it displays as StarReaper
- Add New Guild Tech "Empire Building
Level 1 = 2 Planets - 3 days - 1.2m
Level 2 = 3 Plaents - 4 days - 2.4m
Level 3 = 4 Planets - 5 days - 3.6m
Level 4 = 5 Planets - 6 days - 4.8m
Level 5 = 6 Planets - 7 days - 6.0m
Level 6 = Unlimited Planets 8 days 7.2m
- When viewing guilds, leader/founder should be displayed
- Zephr attacker wrong name and picture in hanger
- When running premium cargo space allows more, but doesnt properly display it unless cargo picked up. IE it says 100, you pick up 115, then it shows 115 till you sell it, then it shows 100 again
- Talos Attacker shows up in space as Talos Freighter Model
- Lower XP reward for Kaydin and Rin 30%
Hey man
not sure if you caught my post, but on the previous beta version i provided some pretty elaborate feedback

reposting here:

(04-30-2018, 10:05 AM)-SliM- Wrote: Heya
Been giving it some time in the past few days, and have to say - the game is fun Smile

I had 10M given to me by one of the admins, and that eliminated one of the biggest problems in the game currently (as ive stated many times before) - I didnt have to work hours upon hours upon hours to get through the first 3 levels of the has to be faster folks...

Here is the list of things I wrote down while playing:

- logging into the game is too slow and too cumbersome
launching the game for some reasons requires elevated permissions
and then the username textbox is not focused
and then you cant put user, tab, password, tab, enter and login - you have to involve the mouse Sad
and then - maybe thats just me - but when I click play - it takes around 1 minute to get through the "Connecting to server" screen (Even tho its quite beautifulSmile
--- i think it even takes 3 clicks to see the cursor on the login textbox actually, got some weird interstate on the first click, then click decofused it, and then another click gets it

- In addition, downloading patches was slow as hell - but I guess thats going away when moving to steam?

there ive said it Smile

- when i search for someone on the map, the mouse hovers on the autocomplete search results and it screws up the typing
so you have to move the mouse away every time you search for someone
I think we should remove that, ie when the mouse hovers a search result it doesnt fill it in the text box.

- in the hangar, market -> ships, the labels on the ship families (zeph, arac, etc..) are not readable, we need to change the colors to add contrasts

- I cant equip guns in sequence - I have to go and click the gun and equip, then click another gun, then equip, etc.... would appreciate auto select on the next item plz

- Ship models are seriously beautiful, havent noticed before but the heli moth has little rotors on its tails and its spinning, so sexy
I have noticed tho my gfx getting excited after one minute into the game - fan starting to work hard and stuff, not sure its justified for what im seeing on screen
im running R9 200 atm

when are we going to have the rest of the models? noticed the hyperion, and moros are still missing

- Nereid is still unavailable in game right? Is this coming up?

- repair price for hyperion moth is crazy, 52k for <10% hull, is that how its gonna be?

- Sell cargo button is just priceless, such a welcome addition
- you know what else would be very welcome? a shorter path to repair the ship, right now you have to wait what seems to be eternity (Smile) for the animation to take place getting in hangar... I need click click launch man!!
aint nobody got time fo' that

- Upgrades - seems to be addicting which fulfills its purpose
a bit curious about the 0.05%, is this even doing anything? so after spending around 2mil ill have extra 1% dmg or speed? seems weird..
-- can you please add a "remaining time" label there that counts down? I dont want to calculate how much is 31% left of 16 hours

- Health bar on ships in the node is really helpful, thanks for that
-- noticed that when shooting Ri VIM (such a cool name), the talosmoth is too large and abstracts the health bar
-- when i want to switch targets when im engaging, it requires to disengage and reengage ie 2 clicks instead of one, can we make that one click?

- guns view on the HUD on the bottom left doesnt seem to be very helpful, esp when you got >2 guns right? you have to click through all your 9-12 guns.... maybe a more compact view to show all like in pDiaspora?

- Guild menus are awesome - seems like there is a rich diplomacy aspect into the game and its cool (albeit mose of it is not really available atm)
- would apprecaite some in game tooltips/infos about the guild upgrades, not all of them are straight forward
- also noticed that I cant really upgrade anything about my guild, why is that?

some small number of the issues was addressed in the newer versions, but there are some pretty important issues here i still think need addressing
I'm going to add onto the buy menus issue. All planet menus need a colour/opacity change. As is, especially for me as a colour blind person, I can barely make out any of the menus. Light blue-ish colours look cool and all, but are too hard to see when they are a similar colour to the background/sky. Need something darker to contrast for visibility. Perhaps a slightly dated look, but even leaving them the colour they are but putting a thin black line around them and the letters? That way on bright planets you can see the menus and what they say, yet on darker planets having the lighter colour on menus would have them enormously visible. Or another option, adding an opaque black sort of shadow like background to the menus? We just need something to contrast to make them visible on lighter planets/hangar but won't affect them on darker planets.

Integrated chat window as part of the cockpit hud would also be great, rather than constantly having to minimize/enlarge chat. Perhaps move the space/cargo to that lower button on the hud below party/quests/etc that is currently unclickable and put the chat window in that lower right corner? Or even switch their position all together, making the cargo window the collapsible window and the chat static in the corner? Because being able to see chat at all times is more important than "Oh hey there happens to be some cargo in this node I just jumped into and I didn't have to actually manually check".

AI.... increasing their difficulty is wise to keep the game interesting, but the difficulty needs to be reflected in the reward. Lowering their xp handouts while increasing their difficulty will result in zones, especially early zones, crammed to the brim with players fighting over scraps, for hours/days on end, severely decreasing progression, and inevitably costing you players. If progression is too stagnant, returning players probably will stay because we love the game so much, but new players? Doubtful. Difficulty in higher zones should be comparable to player levels, but the lower zones?.... those should be left as were difficulty wise with decent xp gains to allow players to get out faster. Plus the point of a starting zone is to get them used to the controls, and then get them out into the world, they shouldn't be stuck in there for days on end because they have to farm out at least to rank 3 before heading out because the outside galaxy is far too difficult with large jumps in AI difficulty between relatively close areas of space. So atm it seems like new players are going to be crammed into gen until like rank 3, then crammed into upper neutral till rank 5? Won't even see a Rin till rank 6? Long grinds for higher ranks is fine and all, but a long grind for a lower rank is certainly going to turn players away.

Researching.... 100's of thousands or even millions, for a 0.1 increase to a stat....? That is ridiculous for such an inconsequential stat rise. That's like buying a tank, but it only firing a pea. A 1/10th of a percent increase for 2 levels of research? So in 20 research levels we might finally hit a 1% increase? Not that anyone would be stupid enough to spend the billions it would take to reach that 1%
[Image: JIAAxii.jpg]

Excuse my mad paint skills. And I stole some guy's picture but I just don't have the game on this computer so can't make proper screenshot. The picture speaks for itself. We need more intuitive HUD. The current one is also too shiny/bright and after some time my eyes are going to bleed. 

Some feedback:
- Menus at the planets are too hard to read.
- Make Hangar default position to be the current active deck so there will be no animation when people go there to repair.
- Double click on something to engage.
- Right click to remember for scanning.
- Fix auto-correct when scanning.
- "Enter" to open chat.
- Make an option to remove particle effect like smoke and explosion when getting hit.

Currently when hit rank 3 people go to Rin zone which is fine. But then they are stuck there because there is no Nereid bots around Crontas etc. So everyone is in the Rin zone waiting for jump research so they can go to Kaydin. We need these nereid bots - they are like the step between Rins and Kaydin.
All great suggestions, I will go over my patch goals in another thread. Quick note on the research at .05 I think it's supposed to be a half point at .5 and is either a typo or an error on insert.

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