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1.7 Release Notes
Added Gate keeper in GEN zone
Fixed Orthograph errors
Added ship icon where needed
Added sorting to the leaderboard list
Fixed issue when scrolling in the name list in the email menu
Fixed the chip issue (I was giving 50k free PDC to every new account)
DC rewards from killing AI went up to 3% instead of 1%
Premium account now also add 3% increases to DC from killing players or AI
Reduced all repair cost by 10%
Fixed the resolution issue on 16/10 screens
Reduced damage of all Gen Raiders
Added confirmation screen before selling deck
Grayed out buttons for non-existing menus
 Fixed issue with 0 material appearing for looting
Added a way to send money to disconnected players
Set starting money to 40k
Added different color, and text to the upgrade bar when boosting

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