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Feedback to the game
Hey all,

we are only few days away from the release, but i had the last days allot of free time to look into the game.
I dont know if its only me but the "ship stats" are a bit wired. I dont know if you allready have them changed on a new release version of the game.

Ingame Admin told me, you want people to fly arround with different ships and not all with that same best trading/fighting ship. I like it, its the same i allways wanted in all the other Diasporas.
Problem at the moment there is again the one best ship all will fly. I put up a google sheet with the ship stats and how > i < would fit them.

I see you want for example Nisus, Endymion and Helios more slow ships but with more hull/shield/weapons. Arachne are very fast ships. and so on. Thats good but for myself i think they are not balanced at all. Also you should give them a better role. Example shieldtank, hulltank, gunfighter, missilefighter, fastship/slowship. some ship plans go hard in one role other go even on all roles.


Zephyr beginner ships not good but also not that bad. Just a ship thats cheap you can hop in as a new player and cant do much wrong.
Arachne very fast ship for scouting and hunting, but not many guns/missiles
Nisus hulltank, allot guns/missiles (means ship have 6000hull / 30shield)
Talos fast ship, normal hull/shield/guns/missiles
Endymion shieldtank, allot guns/missiles (means ship have 800hull / 120shield)
Hyperion allot of misc slots so you dont know if its a shield or hull tank or fast ship, you have to fit it yourself
Moros allot of misc slots so you dont know if its a shield or hull tank or fast ship, you have to fit it yourself
Helios 50/50 hull-/shieldtank, , allot guns/missiles (means ship have 2500hull / 80shield)

there could be also allot more details you go in.

Also the begining int his game sucks. Give new people stuff to shot. Gen Raider rape new palyers and they will never return to the game. Also add more Asteroids to the Gen Zone.
So new players who are the first time playing this game have stuff to do, they can manage. So they can learn the basics of the game and make some XP and money. Also they hopefully find in that time a guild they can join and help them out to explore the neutral zone.

Best wish
SSJVegeta aka hEXE

I am hoping there will be an evolution of ships stats as time goes on, they are not right but it is difficult to strike a balance. As you said it is too slow early on or sure...

I sold today my deck slot by accident and the ship on it goes *pufff* no money nothing  Big Grin
I was in hangar market menü and opened the chat box top right corner. i wanted to close it again but did not klicked on the chat but on the "sell deck" button behind the chat. Thats epic i think this should get fixed in future. Maybe make it that a box pop up with notice. Or better make it that you only can sell a deck if there is no ship on it.

Also trading between planets is not produktiv enough. Killed some Rins nice exp but my repair cost higher then i got out of the bounty money. So the way to go is destroying asteroids and bring back the trade goods.
Edit: ok killing Rins with a cheaper ship i do some profit out of it.
New release notes posted, we are going to be adjusting stats weekly till they are as perfect as possible, until it fills out a little its kinda hard for us to completely figure that out. If any of you guys are crazy good math buffs and want to work on stat changes on a active thread we would really appreciate the help.

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