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1.5 Targets - Place 1.4 bugs here for verfication and inclusion
Launcher 1.3 

- Delivery system needs to be simplified. Users need to download a self extracting .zip or a .exe no more .rar stuff as only nerdy people have WinRAR and know what .rar is.
- Once game is launched, launcher should terminate to not use resources. 
- Default install path should be %root%\Program Files\AngryRabbitStudios\DiasporaMassExodus

1.5 Target Features and Fixes
- Lower Repair Costs Across the board
- Confirm Prompt for Buying or Selling ships.
-Make Planet Icons
-Trade menu : Add numbers for cargo without having to hover above it.
-Trade All button
-Hyperlink chat : Invite To Guild, Transfer Credits.
-Hyperlink when clicking a 3d ship model.
-Start the game full screen.
-Fix Anchor issues inside Hangar UI.
-Put a wall in non-home planet hangar.
-Make text fit their size for money and dates, and add commas.
-Switch Outline for Square.
-Force Cockpit explosion outside of the cockpit.
-Adjust price : HP on satellites.
-Turn Satellites into AI with a focus order attacks every guild which attacked him in the last 30 min, random targeting
-targets one ship at a time.
-Add health bar above ship being engaged.
-When hovering over ship display name.
-When you take damage, randomize the way it spreads to modules.
-Get 1 XP when you kill an Asteroid.
-When in a party, the modulo remainder of rewards goes to the killer in the party.
-Fix Mission Completed problems.
-Setup the 3 backgrounds for galaxies in the jump map menu.
-Trade currency between players.
-Add Achievements UI.
Initial feedback

I like the quests! Its exactly whats needed in the beginning and using this as a tutorial is a great idea!
Although, there are some bugs there:
- I hauled 35 TS from an asteroid, dropped it on the planet and it didnt progress the quest, did it again and nothing.. I then hauled 200 TS and dropped it - still nothing. Then hauled exactly 50 and still nothing.. (Quest was active of course this entire time, i even tried deactivating and reactivating)
- I completed the misc pod quest just fine. But then it reappeared after jumping to another planet, it said 0/1, clicking it to activate (clicked the body of the quest not the activate button), made it active already with 1/1 completion and then allowed me to complete again (didnt notice if i got 10xp again or not).
- Launching and landing again discovered the new quest, the new quest said tho:
Go to gen irium Go to gen irium .2 Go to gen irium .3Go to gen irium .4 Go to gen irium ..... all the wait to Go to gen irium 10.
(for fuk sake ill go to gen irium dont have to shove it down my throatSmile)

In addition to quests:
- I noticed you nerfed the asteroids loots, but kept the repair costs the same. This is not just impossible to play....
Killing a genix attacker cost me 17k to repair, at this rate its gonna take days over days to get 8k exp ...

- I sold a misc pod, then clicked on "Market" and then all of a sudden I could by a new deck, I wasnt on my home planet (was at velic). When all misc pods are full i cant seem to buy a deck. Repeated this twice (didnt actually buy the bay tho, just noticed its enabled).

Thats it for now, Gen is too far away so maybe ill just create a new char and test the rest of the quests then.

Congrats for the new version, cant wait for 1.5
I like the quests as well! It is a very good starting point for a tutorial. I am noticing the same things as Raynor.

A bug i noticed was that when i purchase a new ship, if i click more than once, it will drain my funds without giving me another ship lol.

I am noticing that whispers are not working? I cannot tell if my messages are going through or not, same with "Sector" "Galaxy" Chats. Makes it hard to interact with other newbs Smile

Also, there should be a started guild like Rogue that we used to have. Newbies can talk to each other to get some help.

I think the biggest problem I am having now is Militia. After gaining exp from Velic kills, the miltia seem to have me on a permanent SOS which makes it near impossible to get to Rin area or even to a Neutral Zone planet. I've done searches and they are fierce haha. Drained my 500k down to 100k. There should be a much lower floor (negative affinity) for them to engage you. Just my opinion.

Once I am able to get to another leg of my DMExodus journey I will update.

Seriously though, great work!!
- Should add in guild rewards
- Update affinity message to show "you gained +1, you are now at -166"
- The Land and Engage buttons are out of sync. Let me try to explain this a little better. When at a planet, the land button turns blue which means it's possible. When targeting an enemy ship, it turns blue, but when firing you have to turn it white. Small change but adds to consistency.
- When battling two ships, and one is engaged, if you want to start shooting the other, you have to disengage and engage again. I feel like shooting should just be one click to start.
[Image: rinfriendlyfire.jpg]
Rin firing at each other but my hull was going down.
Not a bug but an interesting problem none the less.

I am currently at Jen Kayle, where I have a Sat and have set it as my home planet.  I currently have 20k and now have an affinity score (above 100?) which allows rin to shoot me on site.

Since it is set to my home planet, I keep getting respawned at JK.  I understand to change my home planet I have to make it back to Gen zone but it is currently impossible without getting destroyed on the way.  

What happens when my money drops low? and how do i get out? Smile
I wouldn't mind if an admin changed my home planet so I can keep playing lol if possible
I've logged on again to notice a swarm of 6 rin at JK. They will destroy anythign that comes into the node (including their own). This has given me the opportunity to try "dumping", and apparently it works. Might want to look into that! It's given me enough money to purchase an arachne fr8r in my first hanger and equip it with guns. I am back below 20k so i can slowly build up a second hanger, a third and so on.

Might say that it is time consuming and not worth the hassle of fixing if you consider it a bug/abuse.
Well the Rin aren't supposed to go into orbit
[Image: Rin.jpg]

Someone should have told them Smile

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