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Helpful Links
There's a lot of useful information on these forums but no central location to find them which can lead to double topics. So I'm making this list so more common things can be found easily for new players. Hopefully this can be stickied. If you have any other links to add here, make a post and I'll add them.

Trade Calculator:
Thomo's Excel


Starter Guide:
<<Coming Soon!>>
Use this for now

Patch Notes: (hopefully condensed to one post at another time)
v1.3 - Post any feedback in this thread
v0.9.7 -

Job Openings - Want to help out? Check out here

Diaspora Screenshots:
Old screenies - For those who want a trip down memory lane
AChillingSight (formally Genix Ðëæ and You_Moron)
To add to this, due to now being deployed in the Falkland Islands, I will be asking for help on the Reddit site, to update with links, start guides, ships stats etc etc. So if anyone would like to help, PM me on here and I will eventually get round to adding you.

Love it and as said in a private message to a few people that anyway we can help on this stuff we would be happy to help. Including if you need to know more detailed stuff about how a stat is determined ect.

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