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1.3 Release Notes
Ironstrike all good suggestions will incorporate most into the update list after this weekend's release!
Some more thoughts:
- Consistent verbiage (rank vs lvl)
- % on hull or the ability to switch between %, pie chart thing, #
- Possible time to jump countdown?
- Make the Leaderboard sortable (do we need to populate all names at once?)
- I am assuming you might add more columns to the leaderboard, if not make it so that it fits and can't scroll across
- clickable chat client, when you click on a name, you are automatically entered in a whisper. Or clicking sector/general/etc, allows you to type in that chat
- When a bot dies, it is possible that another ship enter into the node in the same "square", possible to make that "square" locked for 5 seconds after the ship explosion?
- Time codes on all chat entries

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