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Ai Names - Guilds - Types - Need Help! :)
Alright folks get creative we need some names, and guild names for some new upcoming Ai.

If you have a good idea on some names, guild names and functions for the Ai please throw your ideas in

Right now I'm looking for some cool Miner corporation names as well as some shipping corporation names. I will post my first ones in the next post to give you an idea.
AI Shipping Guild : Name : Oberon Corp.
What it would be : Convoy of trade ships
What would it look like : 1-2 Nisus Freighters, with different Nisus escorts.
What would it to? : Would move between systems in the inner to medium Neutral Zone pausing between planets to offload and pickup cargo.
What does it do for the game environment? : Gives pirate style players a Ai target for raiding when not targetting human traders. Destroyed Freighters would drop cargo.

Pilot Names
Ty Wynn
Max Rain
Travis Frowny
Martin Carlos
Tim Clarke
Richard Walrod
Jessica Reabit
Oscar Cann
Miners Guild: Name: Belters.
What it would be: Mine the asteroid belt between Daynoe and Kaydarin.
What it would look like: Mismatch of Arachne, Talos and Nisus ships, 1 big hauler freighter that sweeps up all the loot and 6-8 Attackers for actual mining.
What it would do: The Attackers primary aim would be to mine the area, in quick time. These ‘Belters’ are the poor mans Miners, starting out in the Galaxy with not a lot of funds etc. They only have one Freighter that travels between nodes and planets to sweet up all the loot. The attackers shoot anyone that takes their loot whilst they are in the same node.
What would it do to the game environment: gives the players another area for mining, as the player she grows the zone below Tyros would be heavily populated. If you destroy to many Belters they will put a bounty on you, with a Destroyer spawning to seek and destroy.


Dessy - Bera
Freighter - Kowl
Atty’s - Nada, Katun, Dane, Teto, Biram, Forn, Zuki.

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