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Feed Back and Update Thread 3.0 V1.1. +
Hey this is going to be for catching feedback and bugs on the next few versions, sorry to close the other thread trying to keep these small and manageable to make sure we get them all fixed.
Bug. 1 or just missed - Arachne skins fubar, all Arachnes seem to be fighters. Derp. So if a fighter seems to be extra violent it might be a attacker not a fighter.
Nisus Carrier Skin Missing - Double Check other skins, quality seems to vary, start off with non basic Zephyr fighter skin
Markets need small planet icon, and trade Icons
- Split asteroids into two groups, Group A. only in asteroid field with decent respawn. Group 2. random asteroids that travel entire sector, with low respawn, but slightly higher payout. Adds to the environment of the game, by having random space objects.
- Add Sell-All Button and function to subscription members Tongue
To save repetition, I have removed the ones hat have already been mentioned above.

Bug List:

- Cargo amount different from Ship screen to Trade Centre (See Graphic).
- Whisper is spelt ‘Whipser’.
- Ri VIM is capitals instead of capitalised.
- I think the accuracy is out on weapons, I done a brief study, and instead of being 50% accurate, it was averaging at 42%. (Xens).
- When selecting the next target to fire at, whilst firing at one before, when that pops you lose the enemy information screen.
- If I want to fire at a different target, I have to disengage from the first, then re engage.
- I can still sell a ship for full asking price even though its damaged.
- The size of the game still doesn’t scale to the default window size. See attached graphic. I only get to see all options if I have it full screen.
- Are you aware it's quite common for an Asteroid to not drop any loot at all?
- Even at home planet i am unable to own more than one ship. I’m guessing I lost all my previous ships with the update?
- Background of the Hanger makes it look like your back in space.
- Bot ships still chase even if they have just jumped into the node, they have immediate used of jump drives.


- Could we possibly have the date removed and replaced with Exp, or at the minimum, add experience to the rank percentage graphic when you land. (Little arrow next to your name when first landed).
- Outline on the ships when selected are still too much, it destroys the actual graphic.  (see attached graphic of talos attacker) Maybe a Red Target box, that flashes and get incrementally smaller until it starts at its original size?
- Size of the ships are too large when in space.  The smaller class ships look huge!
- The cockpit still seem to bright I’m my opinion.
- Different space backgrounds for different zones?It will differentiate between galaxies.
- Potentially make the tabbed chat remember last known function, i separate chats, General/Galaxy, Guild, and Whisper.  It would be cool to let each tab remember the last selected chat function. COuld be added to Tab settings ‘Default Chat Dialogue’.
- Jump Screen background graphic is pixelated.
- All ships seem to shiny, like a shiny Pokemon.
- The bar for representing hull in the centre console, I believe, should be of better details, to give proper representation of hull/percentage left.
- The cockpit explosion graphic is overpowering.  When I receive a critical hit, I can barely see anything other than explosions.  Maybe just make it so it’s not the top layer. Also due to the explosions you cannot see the target ship explode.
- Would it be possible to allow the chat icon to be moved to the other side of the screen, as well as vertically?

Edit: Maybe a right click option on targets in space, engage, trade, private chat etc.

This is a really nice update, I like it, and its fills me with more confidence (although now it is painfully slow to get exp and money).  Keep up with the good work gents, I’ll keep a log of any more bugs I find, and once I have a few I’ll then post.  Don’t want to clog up the thread.

Will look over these, great great feed back will adjust accordingly. Ri VIM is actually a call out to someone. So that one actually is meant to be all capital.
When you Set your home planet if you own the satellite. You still cannot access your hanger fully and should be able too.
(12-09-2017, 07:14 PM)Sphinx Wrote: When you Set your home planet if you own the satellite. You still cannot access your hanger fully and should be able too.

Have you tried logging off back on? Seemed to work for me

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