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Missing activation email
Hi everyone Smile

As i posted on the Kickstarter page, never received my activation email, so cannot log in and play Sad

Hopefully we can get it sorted as a new update out Big Grin

Thanks in advance

I've had the same problem, so also unable to log in.
I am pretty sure you need one of the developers to be online as they authorize it. If your on the project Diaspora site on Facebook send them a message on Facebook and they should get you going
Thanks Sphinx, i'll give them a chance on here as thats what they asked of me on Kickstarter page, but if no luck will message them on Facebook
Let me look into this and get you all authorization maybe there is a issue with the email going out.
Thanks StarReaper, looking forward to getting in game
(11-28-2017, 09:18 AM)StarReaper Wrote: Let me look into this and get you all authorization maybe there is a issue with the email going out.

Same problem, wa sthinking about kickstarting, but wanted to try it first; no activation email arrived. So came to the forum, to ask what was up... no activation here either until an admin noticed. Tongue So that was like, 3 days ago?
Suppose I can try again registering under another email.
I'll do that and see if it works (trying the current email says it already exists; so no joy with that.)
I also don't use facebook (and not going to start) so can't let anyone know there!

Annnnd looks like a fat negative for attempt 2.

Note: initial account works, I fat fingered the password Tongue
I've had an e-mail through from Patobravo who has said "I see here that your account was not active so I will personally do that so you can have funs." and that was after posting in this thread. Good luck!
We found an issue in the email confirmation due to a DNS problem we are adding a few CNAMEs atm that should iron that out.

Invalid user/pass or session state

I got registration email, but when I click confirm it takes me to a screen to enter my username and password, but nothing works.

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