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the not being able to log in is really starting to bug me , its the not fully knowing if its thr server is down , the exe says nothing after trying to log in it just blinks so i have to assume its been down for the last 12 hours
I had this. But after attempting to login 5-10 times I got on pal.
Server should be up, we know about the login bug and are working on getting that completely hammered out for next update that's coming soon. Sorry about that hang tight!
  • The sound when changing through the planetary menu system gets annoying pretty quick, maybe something much shorter like a click sound of 200ms?
  • My brother and I agreed that some of the graphics really feel like JJ Abrams is producing the game, some stuff is overly... shiny
  • It's already been mentioned but the trade system is kind of odd with 70 units in the Zeph Fighter actually being like 700 cargo?
  • Agree with aforementioned person who said the date/time on the landed screen are a little pointless unless the in game time/date was some sort of story arch at some point for quests?
  • Lowering shields was incredibly difficult to figure out the first time I needed to do it even though I had played the game in the past, a new player is not going to get this at all
  • I second, third, or fourth (whatever it takes) to make clicking on a planet to land happen...
  • I really miss the AI having names I could associate their ugly "faces" (ships) with
  • The entire "research" bit is for real confusing at first
Got 15 mins at work so thought I would unload:

- The white 'halo' around a selected target is too much, needs to be thinner maybe even half or 3/4 of its current width, it absolutely destroys the graphics and especially on the T1 Moth.
- Agree with click on planet to land.
- Agree with remove date and replace with Exp points.
- Reputation chart to see what bots your SoS on.
- Would be a lot of work, but really cool, if you had a different HUD for each class of ship.
- When clicking on the jump screen, automatic cursor in the find box, as well as Enter button executing the 'Find' action instead of having to click 'Find'.
- Clicking on the shield bar on jump screen should change your shield, allows for those waiting to last possible moment to jump to be able to with a full shield up.
- Is there a possibility for a permanent 'Local Chat' tab in the chat settings? I feel if you are gunna tab chatrooms they should be designated already, Galaxy, Guild, Local. With Local showing Exp and kills and loot etc.
- Loot all button, maybe replace the land button?
- Being able to see the next research after yours completes. Allows planning of research.
Seems like kind of a big part of the core of the game as-is but I kind of find it problematic that your "hanger" is available anywhere that you land. As mentioned in the bug report forum, it would be nice to not lose cargo when you change ships but if you implemented this "fix" then you would need to not have a hangar on every planet or you could potentially fill up your hanger with freighters / goods and do all of your travel for trading in a seeker. Huge loophole for potential of massive income.

Also... the gen shields are WAY needed. You help encourage new players with a "safe space" to start in this way and also... if you hit a certain point and the (OP) Gen Crusaders are out to get you then you could potentially reach an end game scenario where you can't even trade in the Gen Zone to get back on your feet. Of course the overpowered-ness of the bots (hit and miss) is a whole other thing that could use some tweaking?
Has anyone mentioned UI scaling options yet?
New Thread Coming. - Closed

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