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Live Fire Exercise 4.0 Feb 017th Event Info
Alright first thank you for coming we start here shortly, making everyone visit the forum because well we like forums Big Grin
If you Do Not Have WinRAR get it at you will want the X64 version probably.

1. Download the Game Client here ->
2. Open the game, when you reach the Register screen DO IT, we have it turned Now.
3. Type your gamer name into the Username and Password Box and hit OK. This will allow you right into game.
4. If you get killed, and you will, you must rebuy your ship and guns.

Things to remember: Trade is Active, Asteroids are active in the right hand sectors, Loot is active, so if you blow up an asteroid you can pick up the loot and sell it, or blow the player up and take his loot.
- Bot are on
- chat system is on

V05 updates

-Xp and Ranks
-Redoing the targeting
-Jump time and health indicators in cockpit
_Adding Repairs
-Add links on the player names in the chat to start an action with them
-Add notifications in the chat when you loot, kill someone etc...
-Add different channels to the chat : Sector, Galaxy, Whisper and for the notifications
-Add multiple chat Windows in order to access different channels
-Add customisation panel in order to add, remove, and configure the chat Windows and the channel colors

Please run the game in Full Screen, and this is just a first run test to check server loads, and a few functions, if you find any bugs, or anything you think might be a bug please post it Smile if you have any video of the event please upload it to youtube and post a link here or facebook. And don't mind the graphics, we have better ones but along with ship, and planet icons we focused on getting this up rather than adding everything pretty in. Its coming.

We would like to do these every week or two constantly adding features and functions. Also we aren't in love with the current Cockput HUD so if anyone wants to design them up even on paper and send them in we would love some more input.
with Respect PatoBravo
I tried to register, said created.. but can't log in... not sure what I'm missing... Maybe I'm too late for testing today.
Try hitting Just the OK button and not register, it will be up pretty much constantly.

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