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Old Stats
Found this link that contain some ship stats and etc...Someone was asking for info on this sometime ago.
Just clicking on the link and reading up on them gives me nostalgia. Roll on a playable game...

“Ne Obliviscaris”
If anyone remembers, one thing "The Reunion" clone did well was balance the stats a bit better. So they had a light fast ship class for speed (the pk/errand ships). Then there was the slow tank class with high shields and hull for killing bots and mining. And you could "win" the best pk ships by killing bots much like Xiaspora. So everyone had to buy and use different ships for different things... not just work towards the one best ship.

Anyways here's my suggestions for some moths:
PK ship: fast, high hull, low shield.
Tank: slow, high hull, high shield.
Miner: medium everything, extra cargo space.
Balanced: fast, medium other stats.

All with the similar firepower so they are actually competitive.

You could say "just configure your ship with boosters to make it the way you want", but it makes sense to have the classes "lean" towards different uses to start.
You guys have a link for the helios release of guns and pods? Looking for all the mk2 pod stats

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