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Really good idea and adds a lot of depth to combat. Would require a ton of testing and tweaking but would spice up the game a lot!

It would also allow for the expansion of a Frigate class ship which focuses on missles and light firepower. It would most likely align with the Attacker Class and but have many missle pods and extra shields/hull like the destroyer class but less guns than the Attacker.

i do think there should be some damage missles, but only a couple of types with relatively low damage but guaranteed accuracy and less spammy. This can be thwarted by only allowing 1 missle on a hunter, 2 on an attacker, 8 on a Frigate and 3 for destroyer and behemoth. How you balance this between the classes of ships eg Helios, endy, arxh, bisus, etc would be interesting.

One thing which always annoyed me is all these faction classes of ships all have the exact same kinds of variety. It's kinda stale like that and leaves a lot of unsused ships in the game.

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