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2.08 Bug and Patch List
Priority Fixes and Bugs
-Ship left after disconnecting in a node bugged.
- Some quests requiring you to Kill things, are not behaving properly.
-Memory leak for the launcher .
-Resolution issue
- Some numbers in upgrades IE planetary upgrade seem to cut off part of the price. This is a little more wide spread than just upgrade page.
- Corridor Station and Tacitus station guards current SOS neutrals that should be SOS only evil. - Fixed
- Helios Ships should probably tipped forward slightly to display more depth.
- Players requesting larger and bolder Check email to verify account when account is created.
- Default guild join request message needs to not be fbombs.....
- Guild upgrade screen has one upgrade that is a white square nothing in it.
- Remove title track from game samples Interstellar movie :/
- Ships drop out and produce a None ship place holder that goes away evetually but can't be killed.
- Confirm to sell ship.

Wish List Items
- Better notification for new guild invites.
- Make majority of Sentinel space 1 jump range higher, except for areas that lead directly to vel gates.
- Make Sents slightly stronger
- Adjust payout up slightly on Rin Raiders.
- PDC display on main landed HUD
- Gen Defenders stationed at each Planet.
- Ships in hanger shouls show stat changes when new modifications are applied.

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