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Broken. Near Unplayable. Not what we supported.
Fix it. Now.

You have sacrificed player enjoyment for increased difficulty.
At least when it was "easy" as you say it was enjoyable, now its damn near unplayable.
This isn't Dias. Its some weird concoction that only resembles Dias through the ships and map.
Get rid of this "Tier Balancing" fiasco. Dial back the bots. You want the Rin to be harder? Then up their weapons slightly, not to this extent.
Bring back guild rewards for kills. Give us back our OG ship progression. Gives us our freedom to play with our own style, and not this "1 way or die" style that everyone will have to adapt to.

The OG game died, not through lack of enjoyment, not through lack of difficulty, but through lack of maintenance, unstable servers, and debilitating lag.
This farmville research crap for jump progression needs to be scrapped, limiting players to a specific time frame for their game progression.... it's not on.
You want this game to succeed? Be enjoyable? Then scrap this reboot idea you seem to have and give the players the game they actually want?

When this game was announced, you know what we all thought? "Fuck yes, the game we fell in love with is coming back with new ui and graphics" And that is why we came back, because that game was fun. This.... this isn't fun. You want to make some tweaks? We could be on board with that depending on the tweak. But the game as it is, and the direction you are taking it... none of us want a part of it, and it will be an utter failure without the returning OGs and a system that nurtures new players.

You have successfully disappointed every last OG player, and created a game that has set time frames for player progression, rather than the ability to progress at ones own speed.

The rank system is cool, I think we all agree you should keep that. But limiting the speed at which any player can progress, no... stop it. If a player wants to put in huge amounts of time to do what a normal player would do in a week in a day, that is up to them. If they want to do in a week what it would take another to do in a month, also up to them. Stop trying to determine how players should play, and instead release the leash so we can play at our own pace.

Gen zone.... Restrict the defenders to the nodes directly between the 3 planets. Don't have them wandering all over the place killing bots that players desperately need to progress. Gen Raiders... keep them out of those lanes so new players have chance to do some trading without getting blown away.

This is what your players want. This is how you save this game and bring back the enjoyment. Continue down the current path your are taking and this game is going to die before it ever gets a chance to flourish, and that is something we don't want to see.

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Broken. Near Unplayable. Not what we supported. - Vyndrae - 05-28-2018, 05:04 AM

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