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1.5 Targets - Place 1.4 bugs here for verfication and inclusion
Launcher 1.3 

- Delivery system needs to be simplified. Users need to download a self extracting .zip or a .exe no more .rar stuff as only nerdy people have WinRAR and know what .rar is.
- Once game is launched, launcher should terminate to not use resources. 
- Default install path should be %root%\Program Files\AngryRabbitStudios\DiasporaMassExodus

1.5 Target Features and Fixes
- Lower Repair Costs Across the board
- Confirm Prompt for Buying or Selling ships.
-Make Planet Icons
-Trade menu : Add numbers for cargo without having to hover above it.
-Trade All button
-Hyperlink chat : Invite To Guild, Transfer Credits.
-Hyperlink when clicking a 3d ship model.
-Start the game full screen.
-Fix Anchor issues inside Hangar UI.
-Put a wall in non-home planet hangar.
-Make text fit their size for money and dates, and add commas.
-Switch Outline for Square.
-Force Cockpit explosion outside of the cockpit.
-Adjust price : HP on satellites.
-Turn Satellites into AI with a focus order attacks every guild which attacked him in the last 30 min, random targeting
-targets one ship at a time.
-Add health bar above ship being engaged.
-When hovering over ship display name.
-When you take damage, randomize the way it spreads to modules.
-Get 1 XP when you kill an Asteroid.
-When in a party, the modulo remainder of rewards goes to the killer in the party.
-Fix Mission Completed problems.
-Setup the 3 backgrounds for galaxies in the jump map menu.
-Trade currency between players.
-Add Achievements UI.

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