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1.8 Change Log \Bug List - 1.81 Target List - StarReaper - 06-21-2018

Change Log

- Repair price set to 3% instead of 5%
- Resolved problem with AI which would keep reference to player who CAD and all AI staying in the same node.
- Guild Members object will no longer loose their player reference every hour, this explained the problem with guild chat but could also be the reason for issues with other guild systems.
- Remove many problem created from older bugs that stayed in the datas for bounties, guild members, guilds, planets, etc...
- Remove the bug lag which was occurring on the server every hour.
- Removed the problem with people getting disconnected.
- Removed the issue with the Boost button not working for the Defense satellite upgrade.
- Guns are correctly ordered by rank in addition to prices in the hangar menu.
- Caps in login names problem should be fixed (Not Tested)
- Synced all trade clocks
- Fixed display rotation on a few ships, and added the possibility to easily adjust the size
- Pirates no longer attack ships with an empty cargo, unless threatened.
- Fixed skins for Talos ships.
- Bounties can now only Cash out up to 30% of the value of the ship destroyed (including modules and guns). In case the Bounty on a player is higher than the cash out, the remainder of the Bounty will stay active.
- All Planet trade timers are now synced, and will update their trade values at the same time.
- AI will now wait 1 second before Acting when a new ship enter their nodes.
- After Dying, the Death menu will not come right away giving the player a chance to see what killed him.
- The chat will now display the amount of Bounty acquired when killing a player in the "Kill" Channel


-New Guild Tech "Empire Building - See Excel Sheet in Drop Box

New Features
- Scroll wheel raises and lowers shields/engine toggle.
- Ability to Change Guild Titles
- Right Click on player, add "Track" which will add their name to the Jump screen.
- Jettision Cargo in Space
- On right click menu when click on player, "Add To Scanner" to auto add them to player scanner on jump menu
- Ability to Mute a player

GUI Changes
- When Entering Hanger, no animation, Keep animation for switching Decks

- In Hanger When Equipping, Auto Select next item to allow fast equipping

- Adjustments to Chat, sent you scribbled on screen shot. -

- Change Chat Defaults to picture shown, guild chat still randomly stops working makes player exit and go back it to start working again. 

- Gamma Control

-Brightness Control

- Mute Music Option for Launcher

- News Display for Launcher

Ship Additions
- Helios, Neried, Talos, Moros, Hyperion,  Endymion, added to hanger.

Ai Changes
- Kaydin should attack everyone.
- Miners should not chase asteroids
- Add Convoys
- Gen Defenders only patrol between planets

Satellite Changes
- Once a planet is purchased, only guild members should be able to see Satellite defense information under planet info.

- Nereid hard to see, maybe increase size, or brightness.

- Talos Moth and Nisus Moth to big, cant see hull bar

Equipment Mods
- Adding Jamming device Mod that hides a players location to anyone 10 nodes away.

Ship Stat Changes
Adjust stats across the board.

Repairs and Loot
- Sync Repairs and Prizes with stats

Menu Changes
- Add confirm option for cancelling researches
- Login Menu allow Tab to next input box
- Login Menu allow Enter instead of just hitting OK

Special Requests

-Delete fake DOOMSDAY rename Dooms Day to DOOMSDAY

- Satellites do not go in the Gen zone
- Hull Blocker Missing Menu Graphic
-- Few things are flipped upside down and sideways XD
- Guild Control Manager, "Permition Manager" Should be Permission Manager

General Game Change
- On Server crash, script to send all players to planets on restart of server.

- If player disconnects from server while in space, leave them in space for 10 seconds to prevent intention CADing

RE: 1.8 Change Log \Bug List - 1.81 Target List - -SliM- - 06-24-2018

if its not too much, can we add tab tab enter ability to the login screen?
ie login without having to click the text boxes and the login button?

RE: 1.8 Change Log \Bug List - 1.81 Target List - StarReaper - 06-24-2018

Let me toss that on.

RE: 1.8 Change Log \Bug List - 1.81 Target List - Doomer - 06-24-2018

-The buy deck feature needs to be relocated, and it needs to grey out after you own all 6 decks.

RE: 1.8 Change Log \Bug List - 1.81 Target List - -SliM- - 06-24-2018

(06-24-2018, 09:39 AM)StarReaper Wrote: Let me toss that on.

sweet thx

RE: 1.8 Change Log \Bug List - 1.81 Target List - Doomer - 06-24-2018

As well, so players aren't accidentally selling their ships.

When selling guns,misc, or any ship fittings.. Have it go to the next fitting, instead of back to your ship. So you can't sell ship so easily..
I did this once when i wasn't 100% focused, and heard of others doing it as well. Take a pretty big loss on your ship, but it shouldn't be so easy to get in that predicament either. Should be able to quickly sell your fittings, without having to click, sell, Yes, and repeat.

RE: 1.8 Change Log \Bug List - 1.81 Target List - Butler_RRz - 06-25-2018

I have noticed a few things about guns I wanted to mention. When you first start playing the game you are given a Zeph Hunter and 2 x PLS beams. This is already flawed. Reason? Because to kill a zeph fighter (easiest) bot in gen would take you like 5-10 mins if you killed it at all. The majority of new players (who know what they are doing) Sell these guns straight away and get something better.

That being said I have had a thought about all the guns in game and the vast majority are not used AT ALL. Also shooting a single bot for 10 mins as a brand new player is enough to turn anyone off isn't it? Are we missing something? Do we require a seeker bot to bridge the gap? Something you can smash in seconds for minimal exp?

So. My thought is this (I am at work and don't have all the names and stats of guns). Why can't we change the stats of some of the non-used guns to make the more useful. For example make PLS beams useful for the first bots instead of useless.

other use cases could include:

- A gun that has a damage % increase for shooting asteroids only
- A gun which has a % chance to "stun" bots only which would make them not shoot back for x amount of seconds
- A gun which is has a damage % increase for shooting 1 of any of the bot categories for example Rin shooting gun, Satellite shooting gun or Gen Crusader shooting gun

you get the idea?

Also a guild member of mine made a good suggestion which I agree with but it would have to be put to the people.

When scanning why can we scan the whole galaxy? (when we have jump range lvl 9). He and I think this is flawed. It means someone can keep an eye on your every movement all the time and it really restricts group gathering and sneak attacks. Why not limit scanning to like 10 nodes in all directions (when u have upgraded max jump range). This would bring awesome dynamics to fighting and really get some hearts pumping. Also you can "hide" sometimes to get exp without being scanned. This will also encourage players to "Search" the galaxy to find certain people, their whereabouts and their activities encouraging node traffic everywhere.



RE: 1.8 Change Log \Bug List - 1.81 Target List - Zerstoren - 06-27-2018

just had a few ideas to throw out there for potential future updates.

similar to butler about GUNS:

so many guns are useless, and never get used (and never have been used since dias was made back around 98).

possible updates for guns: (i dont know the gun names, because i never use them)

starting gun - perhaps have bonus damage against the gen zone bots.

also the gun with a really fast firing rate, could possibly be used as a mining gun and get a bonus +1 of all mats dropped (doesn't sound like much, but if you have 8 or so guns all equiped it adds up)

some of the other gun types that never get used could offer other bonuses (against specific ship classes, or AI guilds. exp bonuses / money bonuses... the last 2 obviously far down the track as money and exp is far too easily obtained atm)

another point of concern is SCANNING

scanning as it stands is (imo) completed OP. not 1 game i have played over the last 20 years has offered such an over powered tool to be readily available for free. possible ways to make this more balanced:

add a research tree specifically for this (maybe each research level gains an extra 1 node radius around you)
add a small cost to it (generally in other games i have played, scanning incurs a cost. sometimes this is even a premium ability and can only be used by purchasing instore scanners)
add a cool down for scanning (60 seconds or so)
maybe add an item that you could equip (either in gun or misc port) that has a radar jammer.

thats it for now (off the top of my head) - i gotta get back to my real job.


RE: 1.8 Change Log \Bug List - 1.81 Target List - Doomer - 06-27-2018

Fix engagement on targets. Double clicking on shields, or attempting to close chat tab or most any other spot on the entire screen results in engaging the highlighted target and thus most cases getting popped due to premature engaging.

*Suggestion- add a square sized target the perimeter of the ship where double clicking on only registers.

**ADD Mouse wheel to POWER/SHIELDS code.

Any changes made to the scanner will mostly only affect the little guys/lesser grouped players. The only threat a big group of players has, is another big group of players to match them.
Scanning gives people the ability not to have to deal with these larger groups on an unfair scale.
Scanning has always been galaxy wide and worked fine with every other version/clone of Diaspora.
Being able to "hide" would defeat the purpose of a scanner and allow for node camping to go uncontested.

Just another perspective to the above suggestions.
Agreed with guns need more of a purpose/rework so there are more than 3 being used in game, I believe the admins have thoughts to make different guns to different damage/purposes already in this respect.

RE: 1.8 Change Log \Bug List - 1.81 Target List - Zerstoren - 06-27-2018

Scanning 100% needs a rework, or a dynamic added to it. Currently there is no way to outplay someone sitting on the other side of the Galaxy knowing exactly where everyone is. And it can be easily abused by a simple mouse clicking macro, and be running 24/7.
The idea of being able to hide from it would also come at a cost (speed or dmg), and it could also maybe only work in a radius larger than 5 or 10 nodes.

Also the cool down option, doesn't have to be 50 seconds. That is just a random number. Even 15-20 seconds. But perhaps the scanning can last for 5 seconds or so.

Also it could be changed back to the old ways where jump had to be completely charged before you can scan.

Agreed with engaging targets, need to tweak it so only the hotbox of the target activates the attack